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[Archived] Calling All Adobe Acrobat Wizards!

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I'm hoping someone can assist me with a problem I'm having with a pdf file.

I'm trying to get a pop-up to appear with additional information about a section of the file. For example there is a section within the file saying 'Leader of the Council', I'd like a little text box to appear when the mouse hovers over this with some of his details contained within it.

We're trying to make our constitution more interactive and I seem to have been lumbered with it. So far I've managed to add links to websites and links to other parts of the document but the pop up box is causing problems.

I'm using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.

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Thats more of a comment box for changes, I spotted that on the help pages. I really want the page to display as normal until someone hovers over a key word.

I've seen it done on other documents but not worked out how to do it myself yet.

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