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  1. So Ashley Fletcher who many deemed wouldn’t have been a good enough signing for us will be playing in the premier league next season.
  2. My cousin is a season ticket holder at Crewe. She’s gutted that they are losing Pickering to us. I know he’s been playing at a lower level but she’s convinced he’ll make the step up.
  3. Tom Lees has always been a CB who I thought was decent at this level. I know he’s got an injury at the moment but he’s only 30 so he’s still got a few years left in the tank.
  4. Henri Lansbury been released as well. Decent player but has lost his way a bit
  5. He still had a better day than the superstar Ben Whiteman though.
  6. I have family who are Crewe fans and they are gutted that he may be leaving for us. They rate him very highly.
  7. Kipre needs games and we can pretty much guarantee him a starting place. It would be his to lose as we are down to the bare bones. Personally think it makes more sense than going for a young player from one of the ‘big’ north west clubs.
  8. Cheers Waggott, absolute clown and not the way he should be speaking in interviews. It’s literally a come and get him plea.
  9. Kaminski can not keep standing between our centre backs without getting caught out. First time Watford have scored more than one goal in a game so far this season.
  10. Hopefully that performance makes it much easier for the manager to change the team and bring in the new signings.
  11. Absolutely turgid stuff so far. Both teams have been shocking
  12. Sounds like Forest have a lot missing due to COVID. Hadn’t heard anything about that but doesn’t sound like they have a fit RB and a very weak bench. Thats the cue for us to lose. (actually ignore that, it appears that the commentators were talking about Notts County)
  13. To quote Roy Keane... “well he’s not had the baby has he!!”
  14. I can’t argue with any of that. The only thing I would add is that Pears seems to be on the back of Fisher leaving so I can see a bit of sense in it. Don’t know enough about him to be honest but guess he’s a replacement for Fisher and hopefully not on big money. Ive had a similar call from a Liverpool supporting friend who has a very similar opinion of Elliott. Meant to be quite a talent. Like you, I hope Mowbray keeps it simple and plays our best players in their best positions. It’s not hard. Don’t over complicate things. Think we both agree on the window.
  15. Surely you must have more to say than just that. You’ve been touting no signings at all for the entire summer.
  16. What a window! Cracking business and we now have a very exciting squad mixed with experience and exciting talent. There’s no reason why we can’t be competing for playoffs at the absolute minimum. Elliot out of nowhere is very exciting. He’s been around the first team for the best team in the Country and arguably Europe. There’s no doubt he will be getting a lot of match time.
  17. Sparks is just bitter that his mate didn’t sign. Surely that’s the only reason for any negativity about the window. I think it has to be deemed as a success if we get a LB and CM through the doors tomorrow.
  18. If we can add a left back without losing anybody I think it’s been a very good window for us. Dolan has been a very welcome surprise package and the form of Johnson has been like a new signing after being pretty average last season. We don’t have the depth to manage a heap of injuries but our starting 11 will be very competitive and could see us have a decent season. Only concern is that we know we are a team capable of going on an 8 game winning streak only to go and lose away at Wycombe.
  19. I know nothing about Whiteman but who’s place does he take in the midfield? I don’t think we’ve looked weak in the Centre of the park although Johnson is getting older I guess. I’m still not convinced that CM is a problem area unless we are losing someone.
  20. Bell has had a very good game. Think Nyambe has been poor.
  21. Away at Bournemouth is a bit more of a test to be fair. That’s been our toughest game by a long shot. Shame we weren’t playing them now and full of confidence. I think it could have made for a different game. Think Williams has been solid and got a couple of goals as well.
  22. We don’t need much. As Philip mentioned we do have quite a few to come back in already. For me it’s just left back. Bell has had an OK couple of games, he’s been fine but over the length of the season I do feel that’s an area where we are going to get found out. I’m also concerned that we don’t seem to be using Nyambe as much as we should. For me he’s the best RB at the club and we need to get his contract sorted. I don’t think I would rush to sign a back up keeper if it means we can’t strengthen elsewhere. If Kaminski gets injured we should bring in an emergency loan but if he stays fit,
  23. I’d like to see BB get the goal his performance has deserved.
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