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  1. On the news story I read it also mentioned that Chile have stepped down their action against the English based players (isn’t Ben the only one??)
  2. Match worn and still smells of fags and pure class. Even got a like from the great man himself on Instagram 😄
  3. Just looking at the list of free transfers. I’m not sure if he’s fit as he’s had issues before and I know his background down the road will count against him for some but Robbie Brady could be worth a look if TM wants to add to his collection of midfielders. He may still live fairly locally as well I guess.
  4. Why mention that we would have broken the pay structure for Arma? Surely that’s the quickest way to alienate the players we are talking to about extensions. “Yeah, we’d love you to stay but you’re not as good as Arma so we won’t pay you any more”. Just seems no point in mentioning the Arma discussions now he’s gone.
  5. I’m pretty sure their demands will be dropping daily as the deadline looms. Once the deadline passes they can’t be registered until January so would miss out on a few months wages. Reckon they may be a bit keener to drop their demands at that stage.
  6. Apart from when he said Arma was off to Norwich yeah??
  7. I’m guessing they would have something written into the agreement. Even this lot aren’t stupid enough to fall for that otherwise… oh hang on…
  8. I doubt we would be in for him but I wonder if Wilshere could be the free. He’s come out today saying he’s looking for a club. He’s only 29 but has the obvious injury issues. would prefer a proper CB but we’ve been waiting for one of those for years.
  9. I was going to say exactly the same thing. If he submits a transfer request I’m sure he loses out. If we sell him without him actually asking to leave then I think it’s slightly different.
  10. We can offer but would they sign? Maybe if we somehow get off to a good sign and win the first few games it may put us in a position to negotiate contract extensions. Otherwise I’m Not sure if sign up for the long haul if I was them.
  11. ‘So many fans back in the stadium’ were there about 4000 home fans??
  12. So it looks like Palace are the front runners…. After Nixon announced it was definitely going to be Norwich. Probably shouldn’t be shocked at that tbf.
  13. Tom Carroll may be available on a free which seems an odd one. He only signed for QPR last year but was named in Derby’s team playing Salford on Saturday. If he’s available we should be having a look.
  14. Not a mess at all according to Chaddy on the transfer thread :S It definitely looks like a mess today. That’s pretty much our strongest line up.
  15. Wow Chaddy. You’ve excelled yourself with that one. At least everyone has called you out on such a ridiculous statement.
  16. Premier league player has been arrested for child sex offences. Looks like Adam Johnson will have some company. Wonder if the player in question will plead Gylfi, I mean Guilty.. damn autocorrect.
  17. It’s not a rumour but I wonder if we would look at Sheyi Ojo. Been left out of the Liverpool trip to Austria and is training with the under 23s. Decent loan spell at Cardiff last season and coming into the last year of his contract (although Liverpool do have an option to extend by 12 months). We’ve got decent connections with Liverpool so they may fancy it as another loan deal.
  18. So Ashley Fletcher who many deemed wouldn’t have been a good enough signing for us will be playing in the premier league next season.
  19. My cousin is a season ticket holder at Crewe. She’s gutted that they are losing Pickering to us. I know he’s been playing at a lower level but she’s convinced he’ll make the step up.
  20. Tom Lees has always been a CB who I thought was decent at this level. I know he’s got an injury at the moment but he’s only 30 so he’s still got a few years left in the tank.
  21. Henri Lansbury been released as well. Decent player but has lost his way a bit
  22. He still had a better day than the superstar Ben Whiteman though.
  23. I have family who are Crewe fans and they are gutted that he may be leaving for us. They rate him very highly.
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