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[Archived] Half term - Player Signings


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Did anyone go to the Brewroom today to meet the players?

I have to say that I'm very impressed with Salgado and Mame Diouf who stayed the longest. Not so much with Kalinic and El Hadji Diouf that could only spare half an hour and Samba, who didn't show up.

A lot of very unhappy people today, including one woman who was screaming at the players for not staying longer. It was a rather eventful time.

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The woman came screaming out of the shop and down the line of patiently waiting supporters shouting something about the players going and it was a waste of time waiting.

Most of us gazed at her open mouthed and then went back to our waiting. She did come back and apparently got her stuff signed. Eventually we got into the shop, Benjani was working his way along the line of waiting supporters, followed by Mame and Salgado was signing at the front of the queue. No problem, every one saw the players, and they seemed anxious to make sure everyone got their signatures/photos. No complaints from us, the staff were very helpful and polite, we stayed and had a very pleasant cup of coffee. Got a cracking photo with Salgado, have put it up on Facebook.

The woman contacted Radio Lancashire and had a go at Rovers through them, the presenter did ask for others who were there to contact them, don't know if anyone did. She might have had more success if she had quietly explained why she wanted her stuff to be signed and asked if the staff at the signing would help rather than having a tantrum. I can understand why she was upset but there are ways of dealing with these things.

It seemed there were more people at the signing than Rovers had anticipated, this always seems to be the case. In the several years I have attended signings nothing has changed there, no idea why it hasn't dawned on someone that if they

announce a signing then fans will turn up in numbers particularly at half term. Apparently the press turn up as well and keep carting the players off for interviews, if this is the case it might be an idea to ban them.

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I think the woman went mad as a steward was going along the line at 3.10 (bearing in mind it started at 2.30 without Samba) saying that only 3 players were still there (EHD & Kalanic had gone) and they were going in 10 minutes and there was no point in waiting (they ended up being there a LOT longer than 10 minutes) - she seemed to be at or near the back of the queue.

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She was way in front of us so she wasn't at the back. Having said that, the original queue was rather long. There was no way Salgado was going anywhere, he was absolutely determined about that! To be honest, the time went quickly for us, chatting to others. It was a shame though, that some others went after her tirade and they could have got their stuff signed if they had waited a bit. Think a few lessons could be learned from that though.

  • There is likely to be a good turn out for signings. It's the only chance many people get to meet the players.
  • The organisers need to ensure that the players can spare enough time or at least ensure that there are reinforcements available
  • Rather that all sitting at the table, it seemed to work rather well when Benjani and Mame actually started walking along the queue (only inside the shop of course) doing signings and photographs, it did speed things up a bit.

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I take it RIML didn't get as long with Nelsen as she'd hoped then?

:lol: :lol: I can just imagine what the women was like but it wasn't me. I would have gone but there was no mention of Nelsen being there so I didn't bother.

Did Samba honestly not show up? What a let down.

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