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[Archived] Beckham training with Spurs

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Beckham has started his training with Spurs today. It still doesn't look like he will be able to play for them though although Redknapp says it "could still happen".

I find it strange that they can't sort the insurance out. Don't know what is going on there.

I thought this was BIG news so deserved it's own thread, like the Maradona topic.

Thoughts? Will he? Won't he?

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Sky seem to be creaming themselves over this, on Monday it was he's at the training ground, now he's left , now he's come back, we think he's had a full medical so he could be joining on loan, oh no wait he's not, as he has to have a full medical to train.

Sky are hoping he joins Spurs as they are showing Spurs Vs Utd game at the weekend and they can really go over the top with it.

Thierry Henry is training with Arsenal, but Sky don't have a reporter camped outside their training ground.

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The whole things stinks of a PR stunt, although when Blackburn try to do it, its a big joke etc. SSN have a reporter at the training ground allday feeding back reports that Beckham has a blister, or Beckham has left the training ground. Pathetic

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