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[Archived] David Moyes


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One of the sources was a tweet from a Gaurdian writer, so might be some subsatnce to it.

Though his tweet did say he had not confirmed it yet.

Moyes leaving would surely leave Everton even deeper in trouble.

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Ben Smith from the Times is tweeting it's nothing more than a rumour.

I wouldn't be surprised if he left in the summer. Money has dried up there, and he has taken them as far as he can.

I have great respect for Mr. Moyes.

Can not see Everton getting rid of him by choice, whom could replace him?

Would happily see him standing on our touchline with a Rovers pin on his lapel sometime in the future.

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If we're going for idle speculation I might as well pass this on. I asked a staunch Evertonian at work the other day if Everton were likely to sign anyone on transfer deadline day. He laughed bitterly and said that he'd heard Everton were very close to administration, hence the sale of Pienaar and the loans out of Vaughan and Yakubu.

I have no idea if this is true or where he'd heard it from, just repeating what was said.

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No thanks. Moyes is another manager who has basically run out of steam. They don't play good football anymore and he's struggled to make good signings over the past few years. He's been a bit lucky that their youth system continues to churn out decent talent, but he suffers from the Hughes syndrome. When was the last time he really managed to bring in a quality player? He obviously did well with Arteta and Cahill and he got a great profit from Lescott and good deals in the likes of Jagielka and Neville, but none of that is recent.

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