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[Archived] DVD of Burnley V Rovers Last season

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I can only seem to find highlights of this match, but need the full 90 minutes on DVD for a friend who didnt attend the match and who now lives abroad.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.

One Love - BRFC

There was definitely a DVD of the 90 mins at Ewood cos I have one! Don't know if it's still in the shop though. If you're after the match at Burnley I don't remember seeing a DVD advertised for that.

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The Club didnt do one for some reason. They only had soem of the match in a season review DVD. A missed opportunity to be honest as I would have got a copy had they been available.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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I know where you can download it, would take quite a while though so I don't know if it's urgent.

That would be brilliant, thanks!

Would you PM me the details or post it on here for others to use if that's allowed Mods?

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