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[Archived] Help - Images in browsers

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Being more familiar with a Mac than a PC I have a quick browser image related question. On my girlfriends laptop, some images appear as solid red sqaures in all 3 of her browsers (IE, Firefox and Safari). It's not a lot of images, just some.

Examples of ones that do are - the whole main image on www.rovers.co.uk and the image under the email login box on www.virginmedia.com

I have reinstalled the browsers and ther latest flash but this does not work.

Generally, all images in a google image search appear OK.

Any quick suggestions I can try?

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Possibly clearing your cache may help.


Tools > Clear Recent History (set the time period as long as you'd like, i'd personally choose everything.) Also click on the arrow next to details to choose what you'd like to delete.


Haven't used it for a while but I think you can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then select what you want to remove.


Couldn't help you i'm afraid.

Let us know if it works.

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Clearing the cache definitely won't help, especially as it occurs instantly on newly installed browsers.

Not been round to her house yet so can't get a screen shot. However basically the box where the picture should be is the correct size but is just a solid block of red.

Right clicking on the image gives the normal menu depending on what type of image it is. Some images that do it are flash images but some are normal images.

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