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[Archived] Recipe Books

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I know most of you guys are pretty good cooks, but me not knowing too much about cooking, are there any good receipe books that covers a wide variety of cuisines etc that i could have a look at?


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I don't anything other than spag bol or chicken very often, but on the very odd occasion I do I normally just go on bbc food, especially this bit http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/content/recipes/favourites/easy/ or on the sainsburys website


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There are more cookery books on earth then there are stars in the sky (slight exeggeration.)

My own favourites are Jack Santa Maria's "Indian Vegetarian Cookery; and Madghur Jaffery's "Eastern Vegetarian Cooking."

Which may give you a pretty good hint as to which way my preferences are heading.

Go and search recipes online.

There are, for example, alteranative to bean on toast. Maybe you want to gently fry some chopped onions in a bit of olive oil with some paprika or even mixed herbs just to make the beans more interesting. Stick them under the grill to brown them off with some grated cheese..

The possibilities that you have are endless.Just go and use the internet for hints & tips There is no right & wrong way.

Although curry pea soup is probably something you need to avoid. Happy cooking

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