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  1. I don't understand why there should be a question of belief, surely this should all be part of public record. Are these meeting not all minuted ? and if not why not ?
  2. What's wrong ? Hozbollah are from the Lebanon and therefore Semites - Handy with the threats for a WUM !
  3. Strictly speaking, Hezbollah are Semites, so logic says Corbyn isn't anti-semeic, rather anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist
  4. Here you go, from a righht wing rag as well, so the can be no accusation of bias https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/sarah-vine-boris-can-t-be-expected-to-live-in-a-skip- As Flatgate rumbles on, it appears the government has adopted a new communications approach to a controversy involving the Prime Minister's spouse: send for Michael Gove's wife. The Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine popped up on Radio 4's Today programme this morning to firefight the situation – an interesting choice given her love of incendiary quotes in her weekly columns. Presenter Nick Robinson asked
  5. So no market for the fish we catch but don't eat and now it's harder to get the fish we actually do eat. Chippy dinner is about to get a lot more expensive, or just stick to pudding, chips, peas and gravy, I'm sure chaddy doesn't eat any of that foreign cod anyway so it doesn't matter.
  6. I see we've ordered 60m booster vaccines for later in the year. These are all Pfizer which are 5 times the cost of the AZ vaccine - Either there's some problem with AZ or the Tories are carrying on spaffing cash yet again, because ordering AZ would be 20% of the cost. I've no beef with AZ (I had my 2nd dose of it on Tuesday)
  7. Jim, the issue shouldn't be that he said "let the bodies pile high", but rather, that the fact he actually did let the bodies pile high with his late lockdowns and open borders.
  8. The knives really are out in Rothermere Towers for Bozo
  9. Oh yes it was, It was a major factor according to the BSA study, but you keep telling yourself that if it helps https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-racism-immigrant-prejudice-major-factor-leave-vote-win-study-a7801676.htm Prejudice against immigrants from the European Union was a “major” deciding factor in the Brexit referendum, according to a new study. But people who actually met foreigners living in Britain tended to have a positive experience and this appears to have helped persuade many people to vote Remain, the researchers found.
  10. Tories don't care about corruption and sleaze, they'll accept all that and vote for them anyway as long as they turn back a few dingys at Dover. At least poor old Fred won't be exposed to some foreign driver coming in and spreading Covid around at his workspace.
  11. The Tories increased their vote by 20% compared to Labour's 3% while UKIP went down by 25% in Hartlepool - It's obvious the Racist's party of choice are the Conservatives
  12. You've answered you own question here - The racists that voted UKIP, previously, have returned to their natural home with the Tories. That's why they are in front.
  13. The Government are acting with their usual glacial way with respect to Coronavirus. Too little too late, they never learn https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/india-covid-variant-travel-ban-b1832904.html India should be placed on the government’s “red list” of hotel quarantine countries due to the “terribly concerning” variant of coronavirus first discovered in the South Asian country, an expert has warned. Professor Danny Altmann, a professor of immunology at Imperial College, said on Friday that he was worried that the variant could “scupper” Boris Johnson’s roadma
  14. I've already posted this, but I'll do it again - The racists are heading home - That's why labour struggle
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