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  1. Pre Bike I used the buses in London a lot. I had a zone 1- 4 season ticket, so all TFL travel was covered and used to get the bus or tram far more than I should have, because I'd paid for it. The bike put paid to that - Saved £2K in season ticket costs, replaced with pay as you go Oyster @ £400ish per year, so in the 4 years I've been cycling to work I've saved in the region of £6.5K - The bikes have obviously taken a chunk of that, but I'm still up on the deal. We've recently bought a new car, petrol not electric, and financially it makes no sense at all. Since we got it in October we ha
  2. We had a Villa booking deferred from last July in Cyprus - Just booked the flights, hopefully things will have calmed down as losing the villa is more expensive than losing the Flights.
  3. You'd be surprised - Yes it can be hellish and I've had my fair share of close passes, but the infrastructure is getting better all the time. If I was more timid then I could commute all the way in on quietways and didicated cycle route, but it would be longer and although flatter not as enjoyable - most of my route is along 20mph roads which although not segregated, being 20mph means I can keep up with the traffic and I'm not getting passed at speed. I did notice in Lockdown #1 with less traffic out and about the few times I commuted were a mixed blessing.Yes it was quieter, but less tr
  4. If your commute is less than 10 miles then you really should be looking to do it bike, mine is just under 10 with a bloody great hill in the way and I do it (in normal times) at least 3 times a week. Just before this lockdown was announced my office was in the process of opening back up, partially, and I ordered an eBike on the Cycle 2 Work scheme with the intention of upping my commmute to 5 days a week. We ended up going into Tier 3 and that put paid to that for now. My commute, door to door, takes 38 minutes in and 43 minutes home and never varies by more than a couple of minutes. Train i
  5. Bozo didn't cycle 7 miles to the Olympic park - He was driven there for a photo op cycling around the park, which then backfired on him
  6. If you believe that Bozo and his populist Junta would have done anything different, I have a bridge you might like to buy
  7. Bozo's pal and Brexit supporting Dame Fox of Buckley is a fan In April 2019, Fox became a registered supporter of the Brexit Party.[15] She was in the first position in the list for the Brexit Party in the North West England constituency at the 2019 European Parliament election.[16] Her selection was criticised by the father of murdered schoolboy Tim Parry for her past support for the Provisional Irish Republican Army and for the RCP's defence of the 1993 IRA Warrington bombings, which had killed his son within the North West England constituency.
  8. Caring Sharing Conservative Britain Nearly half of people believe those who lost their job during the pandemic were likely to have been underperforming, a survey has found. In findings that will raise fears over inequalities in Britain, a study of attitudes by researchers at Kings College London showed a significant minority thought a widening post-Covid income gap between white people and BAME groups would not be a problem. And even more worrying In one of the starkest findings, one in eight Britons (13%) said they think black people are more likely to be unemployed and ha
  9. Says Gav who is shooting the menssenger, in this case the Guardian reporting of a warning from Israel’s coronavirus tsar - I still can't see any reference in the news report to 33% efficacy, am I missing something here
  10. I'm confused by Gav's allegations - I've read the story in the Guardian and can find no reference to 33% - the only reference I can see to it's efficacy I can see this the Pfizer figure for a single dose The issue of some vaccines being less effective after a single dose rather than two is well known, as well as the fact that protection is not immediate. While the first dose can take several weeks to promote an effective antibody response, the second dose can trigger different responses, supercharging the protection. Pfizer itself says a single dose of its vaccine is about 52% effe
  11. I had to wear a proper gas mask, and full NBC suit for days at a time, no respite, drinking through an adapted straw, full decontamination if eating. There's no comparison, the worst thing about these psuedo medical masks is they steam up your specs.
  12. True - That is the one thing, that the Government has done well, the only thing. They seem to have a knack of splashing the cash as far and wide as they can and sometimes it mhits the target. In this case by doing it this way they have managed to procure far more vaccine than everyone else and much more than we will require.
  13. What we should have done is had the necessary stockpiles of PPE that were recommended in 2016 as part of Operation Cygnus - A link to the Sun so the Tory cheerleaders can't complain it's from the Grauniad
  14. Absolutely agree with this - The vaccine programme has been a roaring success, but that is despite the Government, not because of them. The organisation has been handled by the NHS, ably assisted by the Forces and not by Serco, Crapita or some other useless company with their snouts in the trough. We have one success in a whole raft of failures and 125K deaths - This really isn't something to be lauding Bozo and his useless cabal with. I fear today will be Groundhog day yet again, where we rush out of lockdown too early at the insistance of the CRG nutjobs and condem u
  15. You say it like they've excelled by doing this, rather than actually just doing their job and pretty badly at that - overpaying for PPE, that should have been already stockpiled and waiting to be used. This was highlighted to the Tories in 2017, but as usual they screwed up the preparations as they have screwed up pretty much everything else in this pandemic.
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