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  1. Dunn isn't a Rovers legend he's a fucking turncoat. A real legend is a tugay and the like, even salgado when he publicly fought against kean.
  2. Please lose 1-0 then. Get rid of this prat as soon as possible. Kean number 2
  3. Let's not be short sighted, Dacks only signed a contract because he got a bad injury. No injury and he'd be doing exactly what Armstrong is. He's financially set for the next few years while he get used to any setbacks this injury has caused. I don't knock him for that but don't try and convince anyone he's signed out of love of belief in Mowbrays vision. That's crap.
  4. 433 please Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Harwood Douglas Travis Davenport Rothwell Elliott Armstrong Dollen Dack is obviously not fit and playing him in a deep position is useless to me. Team needs energy to match this Barnsley team as there isn't really any quality difference at all. Mowbray out
  5. Mate it's mad. My mum was diagnosed as terminal with cancer almost three years ago but luckily thank God see got better. If that has started last year she would have died. I feel for the others who have been forgotten and tossed to the side. Cancer is just one disease that is far deadlier than covid ever has or will be.
  6. The quote "NHS at breaking point" has been used every years for almost the last decade while the government still cut funding and staff numbers. Like I said how can i do what the government say when they don't do it themselves, example being Boris doing a 7 mile bike ride away from his home during lockdown.
  7. I'm a 26 year old lad with a partner whose slightly older. This mentality of if you don't get vaccinated your selfish, dangerous and should be basically segregated from society is wrong, immoral and inhuman. Where is your compassion and logical thinking? What about the thousands who will have died through cancelled hospital appointments, suicides from lost businesses, incomes and homes. The country is well and truly fucked for the next few decades with the amount of debit coming. There will be very small numbers of small-medium sized business left and opportunities for the future will be close to none existent. Explain to me how I can back a government that's telling me to do this or do that when you don't follow their own rules themselves half of the time. This last 12 months has made everyone think that there is only coronavirus around and everything has stoppedbecause of it when in reality there are far far bigger issues. Official records of deaths "with" the virus are around 2 million worldwide out of a population of 6, 7, 8 billion or more.
  8. I don't know Mowbray on any personal level so there's no like or dislike but how long does a slow build take. The only question that should ever be asked of a manager is can they hit a target set. Our has to be promotion because Venkys surely won't continue to run at huge losses forever and Rovers are in massive debt. It's promotion or bust for me and I can confidently say Mowbray won't ever get us promoted. He doesn't have it in him.
  9. Why couldn't Harvey Elliot play as a number 10 with the Dolan on the wing. He'd give as much battle as Evans and play a 4231 with holtby and trybul as holders. Anything for Evans out of the team
  10. Should Armstrong be starting? His recent performances have been dreadful and the attitude he has like the club owe him something is worse. Maybe a drop to the bench for a game as a wake up call.
  11. To be fair Paul your trying to judge football matches purely on stats alone while ignoring the main state of all. The score. Also the phrase 'If you were a football man you'd get it tbf' is very disrespectful to someone who from what I've seen hasn't said anything to justify it. So in your own words 'If you were a football man' you'd get we lost 3-1 right? Give the manager until end of November. If he's dropping bollocks get rid as this is shit or bust season. About 8 or more can go for free in the summer which means there's little chance next year.
  12. Isn't that karlan grant at Huddersfield being quoted as 15 million? So I'd say 12 million for Armstrong would be the middle point of his value probably more because he can play a few positions. 5 million max for our players is daft.
  13. Chapman gives the opportunity to try something different out wide for the team. Everyone knows what you get from the usuals why not try something new. I don't take note of effort their professional football players on thousands a week. If I wanted only effort the fans can play in the team instead. Talent before effort and get the manager doing his job which is use what he's got available to the maximum.
  14. The Wycombe manager. Someone whose done something significant recently with very little money as far as I know. I understand this idea of well we could get worse than Mowbray but the real issue is that regardless of if they got a success or a complete dud as the next manager, Rovers will eventually go into administration unless the debt is brought down in some way. Either through the owners saying they don't want it back or from PL money. Rovers need a manager with some upward momentum.
  15. If players like Bennet and Johnson play against a team that is battling for survival then Rovers will lose. Bottlers vs battlers won't work. Play the youth. Nothing on the game for us other than a few points.
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