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[Archived] Replacing Kean, Replacing Venky's

The Prof.

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Okay barring any last minute change to superhero status or break up of the Kean/Venky's love in it does appear the only people who want Kean replaced are the few disgruntled Blackburn Enders who apparently are not real supporters. Even the LET has it on the frontpage that he should go and Venky's sort it or sell now. Salgado is out - his wage bill is too high! (How does that work? We hardly have a team. Do you think they thought the accounts were in Rupees when they bought us?) Never seen anything like this before.

However it must come eventually so I thought we should start discussing things for whoever is running Ewood to pass on to our Indian chums like:

1. When will Kean go? Wednesday, a week, a month. My big fear is he could still be hear in the summer.

2. Who will (or perhaps would want to) come in as manager? - I think we're looking for a really good Nationwide manager now as we're down.

3. I'd put a grand in and work for nothing for a year to get it going.

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