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[Archived] Tanker strike?

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Its not when, it how to post. Thinking about your topic before staring it. Making sure that its understandable to the people your attempting to communicate with.

Many people overseas, and many in the UK, will not know what your referring to without posting a link or, if you cant post a link then maybe add more than a few words explaining the topic.

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Well I knew what he meant.

More pertinently so did Hemel Rover.

If the worst comes to the worst I'll just have to exercise my emergency exemption for any necessary work related business, run on red diesel, calculate the unpaid duty and send it directly to HMRC.

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I wonder if the great garage owner of Blackburn kept his racist banners ... MUSLIMS ONLY .

Jans for those that don't know.

Surely you don't need Yusuf Jan Virmani? The pillar of society who the Labour group made Mayor of Blackburn soon after as a reward for preventing a defection of 6 muslim councillors (who were objecting to Gulf War 2) which would have resulted in Labour losing control of the council? The same chap who was kicked out of Uganda by Amin without a penny but then openly bragged about being a multi millionaire when the LT honoured him at that time by serialising his life story.... but who also refused point blank to give the LT any details whatsoever concerning how and where he made his millions?

Was that the same Jusuf Jan Virmani who was collared for getting all his trade waste from his garage and his conference centre removed by council employees for nowt? What was the outcome of that? It all seemed to go very quiet.

Was it him who would only sell fuel to muslims Abbey?

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Incredible, really. All you need is the government to mention the possibility of a strike and the hivemind start hoarding petrol like there's no tomorrow. Even if there WAS a strike, there would still be a seven day grace period for anyone to stock up on fuel. Now we've just had people blowing cash on needless refuelling and petrol stations being sucked dry. As Tommy Lee Jones said in MIB - "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."

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All you need is the government to mention the possibility of a strike .

The government in the form of the prize Cabinet office twerp Francis Maude actually advised motorists to store jerry cans of fuel in their garages. If the idiot had any shame he would resign.

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was it right though?

I didn't say it was right. Any kind of discrimination needs to be stopped. I do suspect that a lot of non-Muslims would avoid that petrol station on principle after seeing such a banner, though.

I suppose if a white guy were to have attempted to buy petrol there they could have offered their friendliest "Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh" and still not been served because the garage owner probably would have made the same connection between race and religion.

Still, I do wish people wouldn't confuse the issues. While we're at it, nationality and race aren't the same either.

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