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[Archived] Are English Players Over Coached

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Their game is as much about pressing, harrying and winning the ball back as high up the pitch as possible as it is about retaining possession. They don't go to ground any more than players from any other nations. Every player dives these days; the Italians, Germans, Brazilians, Argies, and yes us, the English, are every bit as proficient at falling over at the merest touch.

The reason Spain are the World and double Euro champions is because they have the best group of players with the highest level of technical ability, a fantastic work ethic, an unparalleled coaching network at grass-roots level, and a clear method of playing replicated exactly at their most successful club (from which 90% of their first team come from).

I'll agree with that point and fair play to them for it. The 7 second rule is a relatively recent addition to their game which is serving them well. Like all succesful teams through history much success is based around a strong work ethic.

Rest of it sends me to sleep. ^_^

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I have been away over the weekend and saw a reply on this thread saying, surely young players arent released from league clubs due to their size and Physique,

In Saturdays Daily Star, there was an article stating a player (unamed) released from a league club on that basis and that it is happening throughout the English game as they look for pace, power and size, this particular player was told, why not try a foreign club!!

I am enjoying reading peoples thoughts on this, maybe Majiball could reply on this particular post with a view from a proffessional club, I have only worked with semi pro players so I only get told by the lads the reason for their release from Pro clubs, would be interested to know a view from inside the pro game!

It's definitely still true. Wrong in many ways but true.

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