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  1. Nadine Dorries who had to ask the Tory Mps WhatsApp chat group what the single market was, after the referendum.
  2. Try just typing the site url in the address bar, in case your link is broken. https://www.brfcs.com/ When you say wallpaper with icons, do you your safari closes?
  3. We will end up contributing to the EU projects we want to keep using. To me, the outcome of this whole process will be so different to what was said at the time, and we have learned so much more (impact assessments, actual deal vs easiest deal in history etc) that there is a definite need to check that the UK voters still want to take the risk of Brexit. If they agree, then so be it.
  4. I believe that the costs of private healthcare in Spain is very high, and the fly back to the UK thing will only work if they are well enough to do so. If they need emergency care, they are going to find themselves with massive bills. I also believe that the 300k figure is an underestimate too, there are an awful lot of people with property out in Spain who haven't registered, so they don't pay the local taxes. Any of them who voted for Brexit deserve the repercussions, but I'm sure many didn't. I'd imagine if there is a no deal Brexit, many will have to return to the UK.
  5. Have to say the course is superb. Loads of variety of types of holes, greens, lakes etc. You get proper punishment for missing a fairway. Makes such a change from the beautiful wide fairways of the US. I think the lead is too big for the US to overcome, but the last day of the Ryder Cup has seen bigger shocks in the past.
  6. Form often goes out of the window in the Ryder Cup, it's often pressure and momentum that decides the outcome. Great competition though, would be great to see more of this kind of team format in the game.
  7. The Hameed thing is very poor from Allott, it's not the lads fault if he's struggling and shouldn't be there, it's the management for having no alternative. He shouldn't be naming and shaming him - it's hardly like he's outshine by many of his fellow batsmen.
  8. Rees-Moggs ERG group showed their true colours this week, firstly they refused to publish their Brexit proposal, because they didn't want it to be scrutinised. Secondly they have begun the process of collecting signatures to remove May. Also see that Vote Leave have been found to be acting unlawfully by the high court, and the Electoral Commission guilty of both failing to apply the rules fairly and equally and guilty of failure to investigate the Vote Leave campaign after complaints where made.
  9. Collingwood a decent shout, always sensible, worked very hard as a younger pro to maximise his talents. Durham still struggling financially, not too far from home. Fowler a long time out of the game, does he have the desire? David Lloyd, I'd have him as a president, he's too immersed in the tv world to spend quality time at the club.
  10. I think it needs a clean sweep to be honest. Couldn't give you a name, but the club has huge potential, and that must be a pull for any young and aspiring coaches. Needs someone with real desire to succeed and who can't accept getting beaten easily - bit of a grizzly Aussie attitude. What's Ricky Ponting up to these days?
  11. Lancs started positively vs York's too. Long way to go though.
  12. He looks like a proper classy batsman, but often gives his wicket away completely out of the blue. Have to wonder that it isn't concentration.
  13. Fuel prices have increased because there has been a fall in the value of the pound - which is related to market uncertainty around Brexit; yes other factors are also at play like we discussed. Saying prices don't always follow the value of the pound, therefore your whole hypothesis is wrong is wrong in itself. Both things can be true at the same time. As for the getting personal part, I think you should read back. It's you who started with the guardian reading know it all stuff, and telling me I have no comeback. I could have called you a daily mail reading bigot, but chose not to, as I don't know you, and wouldn't want to insult you. However, if you can't accept that the value of the pound has an affect on imports of fuel, then I'd call into question your impartiality when looking at the effects of Brexit, negative or positive.
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