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[Archived] Go Now Venkys - This is how our once proud club are viewed!


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Oh, I have had all kinds of texts and pics, I'll do a selection when phones off charge, Pics of the Titanic sinking with the Rovers logo on the side of the ship,

Pics of Singh and the Raos in dunces caps, Balaji trying to count with an abacus and Desai on an Elephant with Venkys Express written on it, folowed by 1,000s of chickens!!

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I might be completely wrong on this, I don't know any burnley fans fortunately, but even the guys who come on here and have done so over the years, have been pretty reasonable. Sure I bet they're laughing their heads off, but deep down they know that this is just not right, more than just stupidity, beyond negligence. One step up from the late John Bond's era.

We are the example, along with Portsmouth, of what can be achieved when you buy a Premier League football club and strip it bare. Take it's dignity. With the right Agents involved, hey and who doesn't like cake?, you can get the Press and Sky Sports on side as well!

Only now with the TV pundit and the Dagenham youth team manager on the verge of full management, along with that guy who was at Villa, do the Press see the whole entire folly of it all. Oh and if the Press think Kean had it bad wait until Tuesday Singh. Yours is coming.

Anyway, off thread again, burnley don't need to take the p!ss. The senior figures at "our" club do it for them.

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