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[Archived] Leaders

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Before Kean took the helm, Hughes & Allardyce had placed emphasis on buying the 'right types'. When Hughes took over he went searching for international captains: Nelsen, Mokoena, Savage and experienced knowledgable players, Roberts, Bellamy with a blend of youth.

Sam built on this on a shoestring budget adding cheap quality experienced pros. Our squad was laded full of experience when Sam left. What would I give for a Roberts to partner Rhodes, a Nelsen beside Hanley, an Andrews along side..

We need a few leaders out on the pitch, or players that care. Why do you think we off loaded every single shred of premiership experience, was it all Kean? Was it Kean putting his stamp on affairs, blooding youth? Or was it from upstairs? I feel sad!

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Excellent point.

The reality is the children of self made men are always deeply insecure and in my experience are a nightmare to deal with.

Rovers have been acquired by a whole family of them who were regarded by friends and neighbours as the kids well into their adult life. I have good friends from Pune who know the family.

The insecurity of these people comes out in seeking advice from unreliable and unconventional sources and in removing any source of authority which might challenge them.

That has been exhibited not only in the removal of the most highly respected management team in football administration but also the nearly complete removal of the management team selected to replace them.

Similarly on the pitch. Anything smacking of leadership has been ruthlessly removed and sidelined.

Look at the obscene treatments of Salgado and Nelsen. Players who stood up and organised to save us from relegation in Keantaro first season were shipped out.

Even mild mannered MGP was deliberately singled out for abuse by Singh when he first appeared on the scene.

If anyone doubts Singh is anything but a poodle, just look how inept and ineffective he was in the recent broadcasts. This is a man with years of broadcast experience in English yet is an inarticulate offensive muddle minded joke when asked to talk for himself.

Yes Rovers need strong leadership on the pitch.

Strong leadership terrifies people like Singh and the Venky's so we won't be getting it any timr they are associated with Rovers.

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It is a good point that we have no leadership either on or off the pitch. I don't think you can achieve anything in football without it. We can hope that Bowyer develops into a strong leader and a few of the more experienced payers take more responsibility but as soon as we get a couple of bad results you suspect that things will go badly wrong again. I think it's also a good point that the people in charge at the club are scared of strong leaders and have cleared out anyone who fits into that category both on and off the pitch.

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This is something me and my dad discussed coming home after the game on saturday.

It seems Murphy is trying to take up this responsibility. For me, your ball winning midfielder who protects the back 4 has to be your leader OR one of your CB's... Lowe, Murphy, Dann & Hanley are far from leaders.

Now it appears Givet is set to leave, this is a prime opportunity for them to bring in a leader and make the CB position more competitive... We know they won't though... Because they should.

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