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[Archived] Brighton Tickets

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The ticket office would have been open when you arrived ;)

Whether the ticket office was open or not is totally irrelevant.

There is no reason why the club couldn't have notified those affected at the time they rearranged the game, not wait until just a few hours before kick off.

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Nonsense. So those that commit to the club at the start of the season have no right to complain when HSTH get a free game? What have we done wrong? Where's our 'grand gesture'?

There has to be equality, hence why I said that we should have got the cup game for free instead of being made to pay £15 (same price as Brighton game).

You've pretty much just proved my point.

It's a one-off caused by freak weather conditions. You (and I) paid what we thought was a fair price for a full season ticket. What they do with any other match tickets is irrelevant.

Like I said, I don't moan about special offers or kid for a quid type deals. This is no different.

Get bums on seats.

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