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[Archived] Ewood Park Wedding Venue

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Thanks cn174. We had a great day & were pleased with the venue.

We booked what was Pennants Lounge, but with food. They were a bit funny about booking without food at the time, but now offer room hire without food.

Northcote at the Rovers have a website which has a good amount of information. There should be a link from the official Rovers website.

I think you are right about them offering a discount to ST holders.

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First of all, congratulations, no matter how late I am!

There will be around 400 guests at the wedding so looking to book the whole Jack Walker Stand. I expect the price to be around the £4,000 mark. Do you have a specific contact number or is it best to just call the club and they direct you accordingly?

Once again, thank you for your help. Much appreciated!

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