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[Archived] Rovers Trust Elections

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Rovers Trust is pleased to announce the start of the process to elect a Board from amongst its members to take the Trust further.

Any member can stand for election - nominations must be in by 31st March. We will be electing two Co-Chairs and six Board members. The election will take place under model rules prepared by Supporters Direct, the Government sponsored body charged with developing supporters trusts and increasing fan involvement in sporting clubs.

Any current Trust member over 18 or anyone who joins the Trust before 31st March will have a vote in the election. You will be able to vote electronically, by post or in person at an EGM in early June, when the election will be finalised.

This is a link to the press release -http://www.roverstrust.com/2013/03/14/vote-is-on-for-blackburn-rovers-fans-top-team/

From here you will also find links to the full election rules.

I can answer any questions either posted here or via a pm.

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John, I notice you need to be nominated by two members to stand for election, would you be ok with people outlining their case in this thread as to why people should put them forward?

Just a thought that some people may want to stand but not know too many members

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The requirement for two members to nominate candidates is in the model rules from Supporters Direct which we are using. However we don't want anyone to be disbarred from standing because they can't find two Trust members to nominate them. Asking for members to nominate them on here would be an excellent way round this but we will make sure that any eligible member gets two nominations if they can't find them elsewhere.

As part of the process every candidate has to write a short statement and these will be published on the Trust website in April when voting commences.

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