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[Archived] Etihad travel arrangements/parking for concerts....

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Can anyone advise on best parking arrangements for concerts at the Etihad?

Got a Muse concert looming in June, but never been Etihad. I need to take car, cos i`ll be dropping off a couple of people over near Charnock Richard way. I`d much rather get train & have a few beers, but alas i`m being the responsible adult :(

SO! Can anybody advise on where best to park? We don`t mind a walk, but not miles. ;)

Thanks in advance ;)

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I don't know if they regulate the car parks more during those kind of events, but I play tennis there sometimes and the car park by the entrance to the courts is free and always has spaces. Enter it from A6010 (Alan Turing Way). Seems like such a huge space though that I can't see it being a massive issue.

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There are parking restrictions on residential roads around The Etihad on "Event Days," to protect the locals from being unable to park outside their homes. I played my part in authorising them!

There is usually plenty of private parking fairly close to the stadium on days when City play at home, because there are a fair number of industrial sites and ex-industrial site around. You'll usually see lots of blokes in orange coats waving you into parking spaces and you'll need to pay a few quid for the evening.

Gumboot's idea of ASDA or The Velodrome may be sound but be aware that both may issue you with a parking ticket (only enforceable via a civil court because neither is public highway so you could fairly safely ignore them,) but either might just lock you behind the barriers once you are in.

If you want a freebee I suggest you stick "M12 5DD" into


and you'll probably find somewhere doesn't cost anything.

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My suggestion would be to park in the city and get the bus to the Etihad. There are buses every few minutes. You'll avoid the traffic congestion afterwards and you can either walk back in or get the bus. I think there's a team stop as well now but I'm not sure.

The public transport organisation when we went to Springsteen last summer was excellent.

I don't know about the Velodrome but Asda do get upset!!

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