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  1. Not this time in my opinion, because, contrary to what he says, I see players not enjoying their football, confused about just about everything and no leader on or off the pitch to sort it out
  2. Yes it has but its affected as you say, other teams as much as us, yet we are the team that look, whenever I watch them (which hasn't been very often I will admit) very lethargic and lacking in that spark you need to win games
  3. I dont know what we DO need, but what we don't need is Mowbray and his coaching team.
  4. Think I heard yesterday that he's unhappy that they haven't talked about what happens next yet
  5. We all know he needs replacing but how do we make it happen? There is nobody listening to fans' concerns, not even our fellow fans in some cases. There will very soon be no reason to open Ewood as nobody will want to attend, except the odd few who go because they always have and haven't found anything to replace the meeting with their mates at the footie
  6. If last night was an improvement, I'm glad I didnt watch the preceding games
  7. In terms of actually attending matches on a regular basis, I'd had it when Coyle was appointed. I've been a couple of times since, but I used to be hard-core, every home game, most away games, youth teams, the lot. I try to keep interested and involved but if it gets any worse my already tenuous connection to the club will be pretty much broken.
  8. Its today or not for a while as the cricket starts again tomorrow
  9. We all fear who Venkys might appoint but then we all fear what happens if Mowbray stays too. Devil and the deep, blue sea. But they might accidentally find us someone who can somehow keep us up. Its the hope that kills you
  10. No arguments from me. I've watched Sale sharks beat Bristol and Exeter this season, and Lorient, in the relegation places, beat a full strength PSG. Those are supposedly the matches players relish playing in and how good does it feel when you win or at least do well. We may not be able to win them all - few teams win even most of their games but we should at least be competing. It's the idea that we can't compete that irks me more than anything.
  11. Yes but then you read the first comment under that tweet and it says you couldn't blame him if we lose the next few because they're against top teams. So still supporting him
  12. For the first time in ages I caught the after match stuff on EFL on quest. I know people have said ad nauseam that he has to go but you could tell even the post match pundits wanted to say it too. He has to go.
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