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  1. Here in the Ribble Valley we got off to a flyer. Over 80s mostly done and the rest scheduled for this week. Care homes all done by GPs getting out and doing it. Then we ran out of vaccine. No more till Thursday
  2. Im extremely concerned at the speed with which this vaccine has been rolled out and have said so before on this forum. Does that mean I won't have it? Almost certainly it doesn't. I'll be watching my health like a hawk afterwards and anxious about any side effects but in the end it comes down to the lesser of 2 evils. When my eldest daughter was small there were a lot of studies linking whooping cough vaccine to possible autism risks. I discussed these with my GP . He asked if I'd ever seen a child with whooping cough or one who had suffered the long term problems it can cause and told m
  3. So can we blame him for our rubbish performances this season? Whatever he did or didn't do at the start of his tenure, he's doing poorly now
  4. I read the articles about immunity not showing after 6 months or so. I thought I'd had it a year ago but then when I did an antibody test in October or November I had no antibodies so assumed I probably hadn't had it. It now appears I might have had it after all.
  5. Actually they cant find any evidence that christmas get togethers caused a real surge. That was down to other factors like the new variant. They think most people thought for themselves and minimised contact at christmas, especially older people.
  6. At our health Centre the Rotary Club are marshaling queues etc.
  7. If they'd not been lied to, some of them wouldn't though.
  8. Its still pretty quiet here in the Ribble Valley, even on busy walking routes
  9. I dont know but I havent seen much evidence of it in the last 10 years at least.
  10. Clitheroe was like a ghost town today. I know it was raining but all the high street was dark. There were fewer than a dozen people in the supermarket. Perhaps we're just well behaved here but if so, why are our cases still rising?
  11. Mainly NI but shortages reported everywhere as are substitutions in deliveries.
  12. To be fair, I've just done a shop at Sainsburys and they have pretty much everything. There were gaps but they were refilling shelves as I went round.
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