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  1. I reached my tipping point many years ago and can only admire those who've stuck with it this long. I was a regular poster on here and tried to be fair to managers and players, even the ones I disliked intensely. However, when the first wave of protests, which I attended and took part in, had no effect. I marched with Blackpool fans. I've been back odd times since but largely I'd rather not be there. I couldn't go and support another EFL club, so get my football kicks watching Clitheroe. Otherwise, we simply switched sports and began watching Sale Sharks. I'd not support another league club and would love a reason to come back to Rovers on a more regular basis but this week's fiasco has confirmed even more for me that I personally was right to more or less walk away, for my own peace of mind.
  2. I, as you know, go to Sale Sharks matches. I was there yesterday when they qualified for the Premiership final. Two of the owners, Simon and Michelle, walked in with the players from the team coach, and at the end of the match Simon, as he usually does, went round the pitch, shaking hands with fans, thanking them for their support. The team is growing; crowds are increasing. Because of the disappearance of Worcester and Wasps, meaning we didn't get full value for our season tickets, we didn't pay for yesterday's match. This is the kind of ownership Rovers need. Someone who gets it and cares as much as any fan.
  3. Agreed. Sunderland were nothing special but we don't seem to be able to put games away when we have pressure.
  4. This was the first time I've watched Rovers live in a year and nothing has really changed. We lack intent, penetration, power, pace. Always looking for sideways passes. Never looking to move the ball forward first time. I had a lovely Christmas spoilt by 2 bookending sporting performances, as Sale Sharks lost at Newcastle too.
  5. I've just watched Lorient v Clermont Ferrand in Ligue 1. Tickets cost €8 each. Lorient's last match a fortnight ago was cancelled because a combination of the Interceltique festival and the continuing drought here in Brittany made it unplayable so a new pitch was laid and it was a good surface. That's how to do your job, Mr Waggott. Affordable tickets for a poor town.
  6. The job you need usually finds you. For JDT I think this is the job he needs now. Get us over the finishing line and into the PL despite ours still being a poorly run club and he'll be able to take his pick of good jobs
  7. All is well thanks. Just needed time away from here as I got more and more disillusioned with results and performances
  8. I'm paying £224 for my Sale Sharks season ticket plus £50 for my Clitheroe season ticket. That's £274 for far more games than a Rovers season ticket would give me. Is it any wonder lots of people are getting more choosy about how they spend their cash and only attending matches at Ewood as and when they choose?
  9. As you correctly stated earlier Blackburn is a town, not a city
  10. I thought it was great to hear Bairstow refusing to be drawn into the Root Era was a disaster/ Stokes Era is wonderful rhetoric that the commentators were trying to push. Root had it very hard as captain with all the Covid bubbles and so on and Bairstow rightly acknowledged this
  11. I have threatened to lose it conveniently when I go to visit. However, he'll soon grow out of it, and he's a very bright lad so his own common sense will kick in soon. I'll buy him a Rovers one in a bigger size for his birthday
  12. I wouldn't buy a multi match ticket. Too much else going on . But a cheap match ticket for a specific match would be tempting. My daughter would probably bring our grandson too which would be great because he's been spotted wearing a Burnley shirt and that can't be right
  13. I always think of them in the old 4th division. That's where they were when I was a kid and used to listen to the results on tv
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