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  1. They may well both have been involved. After all, Kean was very obnoxious.
  2. It wasn't his footballing skills I was thinking of.
  3. Most people's idea of why we fell away begins and ends with Mowbray.
  4. Yes it is. Just better at hiding it.
  5. Must depend how you booked it. We got a text to remind us
  6. I'm with you. It wasnt that what's his name turned out to be the 4th man per se that was disappointing. He was so unmemorable that I've forgotten his name already so easy to see how he might slip under the radar of people looking for Mr Big. It was the fact that there was nothing memorable at all about that last episode. It was less than a whimper even and it needed something to leave you wondering. Something tantalising or spectacular in itself. You cant say goodbye to a big series in a half hearted manner like that. The end of Keeping Faith, whilst somewhat OTT, was more satisfying
  7. It makes a huge difference everywhere. The difference between Sale Sharks under a decent manager in Steve Diamond and what looks like an excellent appointment in Alex Sanderson is amazing. You win matches youd previously have lost. You hold onto leads you'd previously have lost. You overcome problems on the pitch and players sort things out for themselves mid game because of the confidence an excellent manager gives them. Training ground moves start to appear in matches, and players really play for the team. It's not rocket science. It's just like any other job. Get a really good person at the
  8. I think they'd share with equals or those whose wealth is superior
  9. If you run an IPL team you at least understand a bit about sport
  10. Yes. I love the commitment and the innovation but he is scarily dangerous too.
  11. Got our match tickets to watch Sharks v Bristol Bears. Took 2 minutes. There was someone on the supporters facebook page answering queries and the tech team were dealing with issues instantly. Shows how it can be done. Tickets are printed and we are ready for off on May 28th
  12. Depends what precedes you. Anyone who at that time appeared to be a fairly ordinary run of the mill manager would have been feted because they weren't their predecessors
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