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  1. But for now we're stuck with Mowbray. If only .....
  2. Thing is, as you know I now get my live sport kicks watching Sale Sharks. Now at the start of the season they were saying our fitness levels were going to be better and st first here was no sign of it. But this week they faced Quins, current champions, lightning quick and undefeated this season, and they beat them. Not just beat them but right at the end, and Quins looked out on their feet while the Sharks players looked like they could have played on. Fitness training doesn't always pay benefits in the first match but as you get match sharp it should begin to tell. Clearly Rovers have got something very wrong as their fitness on the pitch doesn't seem to be improving with match sharpness
  3. Has he gone yet? Is there a shred, a glimmer of hope, that he might be on his way out?
  4. I was watching the score with that definite feeling that we'd lose. I've wanted rid of him for some considerable time. I didn't see the early part of the match as I was on a training course being taught to sack eggs so I only caught updates from 74 mins on
  5. I saw the result tonight and all I wanted to say was 'SACK HIM IMMEDIATELY '
  6. Some donor he made a Lord apparently
  7. No. People were commenting on the pic on twitter showing Ewood at night. I think they're showing that because evening match prices are being reduced, that's all.
  8. Isn't the night time puc about lower pricing for evening games?
  9. Cheaper midweek tickets suit us as it would rarely interfere with anything else.
  10. I understood his interviews, but I was present when the ex player said it so I believe him. Maybe it was just when he got annoyed on the training pitch; I don't know but it was said by someone I had no reason to doubt.
  11. Would have been no point in shouting. According to a former player, nobody understood a word he said in training anyway and they just used to do what they thought he meant and rely on the coaches to put them right
  12. Well I've just spent 10 days jaunting around the EU and Switzerland. No shortages anywhere. People joking about how bad it must be to be in England.
  13. In what way? Nobody here seems to have a problem. They accept paper copies and not just phones so old people, poor peopleand others who may not have access to smart phones don't miss out. It's not just the vaccinated who are allowed in. You can still eat outside at restaurants without one, just not inside. And considering their cases are low, you can't really say they are wrong. In a population of nearly 400k they had 50 cases last week. In the Ribble Valley, with a population of less than 60k, we had 450+
  14. We're in Switzerland atm after returning from France. In both countries you have to show covid passports to get into restaurants, hotels, onto some trains etc and you have to wear a mask in all public places indoors. Passports can be 2 vaccines, a negative test within 2 days or a certificate of recovery. Seems to work. Cases are low and life is pretty much normal. We've had our vaccination certificate refused a couple of times but mostly it's been fine
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