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  1. I've been running 31 miles in July for Cancer Research UK . I've got the last mile left to run tomorrow. I'm well chuffed with myself for actually running that, for being disciplined enough to do it. I'm not a runner so this has beena huge challenge but I've done it.
  2. Don't know if there are fewer technophobe among rugby union fans but Sale sre not issuing STs at all. Its all by email or on your phone. To save on plastic, I think they said.
  3. I haven't seen it, but is it the Compostella one? If so our minister did it about 10 years ago. There's also a film with Martin Sheen about a father whose son dies doing it and Sheen decides to do the walk himself to try to understand his son better. Not a religious film per se. Called The Way. It was interesting to see the motivation and challenges people set themselves
  4. Interestingly, I caught a bit of last night's match when my husband left it on, and I was very surprised to hear the commentator using the word overs. There isn't another word for it but an over is 6 balls, not 5. They were explaining that if you score more runs than the other team, you win. Never!!!!!! 🤪
  5. in Sainsburys, Clitheroe yesterday virtually everyone had a mask. Been to church this morning. Everyone wore a mask at least part of the time. We offered people a choice but as one elderly lady said, ' I've put up with a lot this last 18 months and, if I can do anything to prevent it, it's not getting me now.'
  6. Depends how much they've done to engage with fans during lockdowns etc. If they've done well they'll probably have lost fewer fans than if they have not bothered much and just relied on fan loyalty. You simply can't do that nowadays.
  7. Do you really think even a fraction of his fee would be reinvested? And even if it was, do you think Mowbray would invest it well?
  8. Click on your name at top of post and it takes you to profile where there's an edit button
  9. I told them I no longer wanted to be on their mailing list a few years back when the only reply I received to a letter explaining my reasons for not buying a season ticket was 'OK. Bye so that's why I don't get mail any more. However, nor does anyone else in my household. Its several years since we bought STs but we have been to matches since so surely, using the address they do still have, they ought to have tried to tempt us. In contrast, Sale Sharks had problems with their ST system and the ticket office were replying to queries from fans on FB all weekend just to try to sort peoples tickets for them. First 500 to renew got invited to the club barbecue at the training ground to meet players and staff. Inexpensive PR
  10. You'd be surprised Paul at how many people still don't use smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc and don't have an email address. I know of at least a dozen in a relatively small circle of people who either don't have email, or claim they don't know how to access it. I also know of a fair number of people who claim they haven't received emails but have - they don't realise there's a spam folder and that occasionally things end up in there for no particular reason. Surely it's not beyond the club to check details and send a mail drop to those who had a season ticket in the last 3 years and don't have a registered email address? I'm not suggesting large scale mailings like we used to get but targeted mailings wouldn't tax anyone's resources or capabilities.
  11. I wouldn't go to another league club, but we used to go to Clitheroe if Rovers weren't at home on the same day, so it's not a shift of allegiance. And I find it insulting to suggest, as unsall did, that it's the loss of premiership football that lost fans and they'd come back if we were in the Premier League. Many would be back, if not as season ticket holders as walk ons, if there was any ambition, any competence, any sign that matters were on the up. Nobody expects miracles. Basic ability to run a Championship club would be a good start.
  12. Rovers used to be one of the main topics in our house. My son has been home for a couple of days and we've never mentioned them.
  13. I'm one of them. I no longer enjoy watching football much I watch odd games on TV and I like watching Clitheroe because its full on effort from both teams involved. But nowadays give me rugby over football any day. My daughter wants to take her little lad to a Rovers game and normally I'd go with her but I don't think, this season, we'll bother. I haven't fallen out of love with Rovers as a concept, but Rovers as they are now..... no thanks
  14. It was Hughes. He rang us when we're travelling back from France
  15. 5 million Europeans may have been granted settled status or whatever, but that's not the solution to the lorry driver problem. HGV training takes a while and we don't want any shortening of training times as that leads to safety issues. They're already going to allow drivers to do more hours which is a potential safety risk. Lorries scare most people driving on motorways at the best of times, but it'll be even more scary with more and more inexperienced drivers driving longer hours
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