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[Archived] BBC Radio Lancashire Fans Panel.

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Hello all

This is Andy Bayes here at Radio Lancashire, hope you're all having a good summer.

I just wanted to tell you about our new show on a Saturday afternoon which will now be coming live from football grounds every matchday and matchnight. To make the show better than it's ever been in it's new format we want your help.

We want to get more fans on before and after the match to talk about the game you're going to or have been to. If you think you would like to be involved, it's really easy to register your name, address & phone number. Just email me andy.bayes@bbc.co.uk with those details and we could be calling you up before or after a game.

We also plan to do more forums here in the Radio Theatre or other venues over the season, so if you're registered on the fans panel we will inform you of any events coming up.

Any other questions you might have, send me an email and I'll get back to you.

Many thanks and hope to hear from as many of you as possible.


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Andy, your post has got me thinking.

I have enjoyed Radio Lancs coverage of Rovers for many years.


I have been concerned at the weakness of the questioning of Agnew, Shaw and Singh over the last 15 months. This applies to 5 Live and the LET, as well as Radio Lancs.

In my opinion, "representatives" of Blackburn Rovers have been allowed to get away with murder, making statements that even Benny from Crossroads would have struggled to believe.

Listening to the likes of Shebby being allowed to get away with complete, utter nonsense, unchallenged. has been a form of torture in our family.

Do you think it would be possible to allow people from this forum to submit carefully framed, critical questions to you via email before an interview? Then if the powers that be rule out the proposed questions, at least you could say what questions were not accepted.
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I'll get the tumbleweed Leonard. Great post, and welcome back.

Mr Bayes, please do listen to Leonard's eloquent post. We need answers not fobbing off. If Radio Lancs can't provide that open forum then I'm afraid your show isn't worth a dime.

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