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[Archived] BRFCS - The end of an era and the start of a new one


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This site has been the number one place for all Rovers fans since the 90s. It's been an invaluable resource for many, many things outside football as well. The work out in by Ste B, Glenn, cn174, Paul, Ricky, den, SAR, Tom, El Tombre, Beta Ray Bill, Alan75 and the many others has led to a great place enjoyed by many. All the best of luck to Wen y Hu, who has always been a quality poster and many of his podcasts are still memorable.

It's unsurprising it has been a different place over the last 4 or so years, ultimately since Venkys we have been an angry, unhappy bunch instead of before when different emotions could compete. The club is now a shell of what it was, and no wonder if fans find it difficult to even check on Rovers, never mind post about them.

Hopefully, there will be more positive things to look forward to in the future. Having a club in the Premiership is no big deal, but having one that you can be fully proud of - including those that own it - is far more valuable.

Thanks Gents, it's been a blast all these years.

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