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[Archived] Congratulations To Tim Farron

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Congrats indeed. Another friend of BRFC in the House can never go amiss. Tim seems a very amiable chap whose media friendly personality is just what the Lib Dems need following their mauling in the election. Plus I can't really do with that Norman Lamb and as far as I am concerned the christian name 'Norman' connected with Liberal will always carry dodgy connotations.

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Looks like he's already had to go on the defensive regarding his religious beliefs.

Mr Farron said transgender people currently did not have equal access to marriage due to something known as the spousal veto - which means the husband or wife of someone who has changed gender must give their consent in order for the marriage to continue.

Strange comment. If I've read that correctly, he wants people who go through gender reassignment to be able to stay married to their previously opposite sex partner without their consent?

Why is it always about the rights of those who make a conscious decision (good or bad) rather than the rights of the 'victims' of those decisions?

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Whats wrong with him giving an open and honest opinion? I realise that the LibDems are probably the chosen party of homosexuals and that as leader he needs to tread carefully, but effectively he's just another bloke whose opinions can be deemed right or wrong and judged accordingly.

What he does need to do is stop ruffling his hair and daubing Rises hair gel on to his disappearing locks. Looking like a rat peering through a bog brush hardly improves his image that's for sure.

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