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[Archived] The Big One

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For several seasons, Wigan Warriors have promoted one game each season as ‘The Big One.’ Tickets are given out to schools in the run up to the game, subsidised/freebie tickets are distributed to Heinz employees (factory in Wigan) and generally there are a number of initiatives which have guaranteed a bigger than normal attendance for the game. There is usually something happening on game day like a local rock band playing inside the stadium pre game. Last season featured a Big One Week, games against Warrington and Leeds either end of the week with a golf day in between together with a road show in the town centre. The Big One theme has been a success in generating interest in the club and attendances have generally been up by a couple of thousand each time, I think a few years ago we played Huddersfield and got 19k, so that particular game was up by a good few thousand.

The reason I mention this is that I think it could be a great initiative down at Ewood. If our gates are around the 10-11k mark, why not try and get 13k in for the odd game. Let’s try and sell out the Blackburn End lower tier or our half of the Darwen End lower tier for one or perhaps two games. Create the sort of atmosphere that could help towards our promotion push. The gates will slowly increase anyway if our run continues and if we could expect a 12k gate against either Blackpool or Oldham, why not try and make that 14k? There should be 14-15k on when we play Bradford, why not try and make that 17k? Boxing Day should be a good pointer as to what we could achieve.

Do we have a sodding marketing dept?




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They don't like doing it when trying to flog half STs I don't think but your point is right it's far easier to get rid of cheap ticket deals when doing well rather than the previous years crap when no one wanted to watch for free !

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In the interest of fairness, in my opinion, the marketing department has improved ten fold this year. 

Social media has been a breath of fresh air, and we seem to be slowly getting some more advertisements popping up around the ground too. 

I'm also slightly biased as I got a letter through the post yesterday to tell me that I'd won a hospitality package for the Scunthorpe game that Includes a 3 course meal for myself and the wife. ? supposedly all 1875 members were put into a draw and 5 winners picked at random. 

It's little things like this, coupled with winning games, that are going to get alot of fans back on side! 

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