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  1. blueboy3333

    An Evening with Tony Mowbray

    As suspected BB was a panic buy as TM couldn't get players he wanted.... so spunked a big chunk of money on a player who did well against his team 2 years earlier. Unbelievable. Its good that even he has admitted BB is shit. Utter joke of a signing. Then he expects Venkys to trust him with £10m.😂
  2. blueboy3333

    Rovers Nike storm jacket size large

    If you have the jacket that used to belong to our old fitness coach Runyer Boloksov then Chaddy will be interested. He was a big fan.
  3. blueboy3333

    Preston at Home

    Next season may finally be the year I give up the ST and choose my games, for the reasons you've mentioned (and others) I was committed, are the club?
  4. blueboy3333

    Brexit Thread

    May's plan seems to be to kick the can down the road until the last minute and then say "its my deal or no deal". How many in her own party accept either of those two options remains to be seen but if it upsets them as much as is likely then the new Independent party may have a lot more members come April. Same applies to the Labour Party if its MPs to the centre think Corbyn hasn't done enough to prevent a no deal if it happens.
  5. blueboy3333

    Birmingham Away

    Was that when Matt Dickens was in the nets?
  6. blueboy3333

    Birmingham Away

    https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/rovers/news/17450339.mowbrays-message-to-rovers-players-after-run-of-defeats/ Its OK, we were good against Brentford until the 3rd went in, we matched Bristol City, and Reading were just two isolated defensive howlers. Nothing to see here. The defence is just too cultured to do stuff like defending. 🤔
  7. blueboy3333

    Academy & U'21's

    Might as well start a thread as Kinder has now the U'21's into the cup final (anyone know where & when it is BTW?) U'18's won at Newcastle http://www.nufc.co.uk/page/Match/Report/AcademyReport/0,,10278~4547946,00.html
  8. blueboy3333


    I'm sure if ST's were on sale last season during a promotion push we would have sold more. Once the season finishes the momentum is lost.
  9. blueboy3333

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/football-league-blog/2019/feb/20/bury-ryan-lowe-jurgen-klopp-football-league-pep-guardiola Ditch the Mow, get the Lowe.
  10. blueboy3333


    Come on, let's not go to a bed on an argument. Night👍😏
  11. blueboy3333

    FA CUP

    You OK tonight? You're talking a lot more shite than normal. I'm worried.
  12. blueboy3333


    @CP Company Lad can you have a word with yer mam. She's pissed again and wanting to 'do me'.
  13. blueboy3333


    If you could mock up Tony's face on the leotard-clad body of Mr Motivator that would make a terrific T-shirt.
  14. blueboy3333

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    I mean pragmatic in the sense that we aren't good enough to play through the 'thirds' so we play to the strengths of the players we have.
  15. blueboy3333

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    We're losing with a pragmatic approach so it isn't that simple either.
  16. blueboy3333

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    It's over 4% who want him sacked now as another day goes by without a win.
  17. blueboy3333

    Championship 2018-19

    He's running down his contract so he can come back to Mogga's wingless wonders and sit on the bench next to Chapman.
  18. blueboy3333

    FA CUP

    good point.
  19. blueboy3333

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    Agree to a point. We play a lot of long balls out from the back. We only play a shorter game when we press high up the pitch and win it there. But as a starting point it's always a diagonal hoof from the back.
  20. blueboy3333

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    Least crosses in the league is no surprise when we rarely get in behind the full backs. Tactically we are a pub team.
  21. blueboy3333

    Summer transfer window

    Less than a year left on his contract. At least Sam Hart got sorted. FFS. Amateurs. Mahoney, the lad who went to Leicester and now this lad all being allowed to run their contracts down.
  22. blueboy3333

    Summer transfer window

    Summer starts a lot earlier these days.
  23. blueboy3333

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    I see you're a connisseur, sir, of the finer elements of the BDSM business. 50 Shades of Gregg.
  24. blueboy3333

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    If we are going to start playing more football on the deck we need players who can pass the ball. Evans and Smallwood are just scuttlers really who can disrupt the opposition. Evans has a bit of ability passing wise but it's mainly sideways and backwards. Travis adds a lot of energy to the middle of the park but I wouldnt say he was overly creative. I'm hoping a playmaker is brought in in the summer or its going to be very difficult to 'evolve' our style as Mowbray has promised.
  25. blueboy3333


    Very true. Mogga has singled Nyambe out publicly but Mulgrew has made some dreadful mistakes this season (even before Boro) and has yet to be singled out for criticism. So have Raya and Rodwell.

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