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  1. I believe this comes under 'wtf??!!'
  2. Billy Castell

    Rugby League

    So the top two teams don't get to the Grand Final and two teams that were at least 7 points adrift of the top team get a chance of winning the big trophy. That seems a joke to me.
  3. Billy Castell

    John Jensen gone

    The only way I'll believe Kean is gone is if I see his bullet riddled body paraded around by a group of Colombian special forces soldiers. The idiotic Indians would rather sack the entire staff before they get rid of him.
  4. Billy Castell

    John Jensen gone

    I just hope this move undermines Kean's position, and the prat leaves soon. However, I'm expecting O'Leary or A. N. Other to come in to help Kean relegate us. Steve must have pictures of Mrs. D. doing rude things with a Great Dane and hot dog sausages. P.S. Kean Out
  5. Billy Castell

    Rugby League

    The play-offs are bollards. Warrington topped the table, so they should win the league. End of story. It went down to the last game anyway.
  6. Someone posted it on another messageboard I used. I don't own midget porn, but if I did, I'd not go out of my way for midgets that look like Gordon Ramsey.
  7. You just can't add anything to this story
  8. Following on from Dillo's link. Sort of.
  9. Billy Castell

    Movie Discussion

    Judging by the ads, that Hop looks utterly, utterly ____. It looks like the sort of unbaked, cynical cash-in where the execs think that all they have to do is make a CGI rabbit and it'll be fun for all the family.
  10. Billy Castell

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    See if you can spot Christiano Ronaldo. Evidently he never thinks there is a wrong time to do the time warp.
  11. Billy Castell

    Movie Discussion

    Made you look!
  12. Billy Castell

    Movie Discussion

    Don't look up the upcoming film The Human Centipede. I read something about it on Wikipedia, and its just wrong.
  13. Billy Castell

    [Archived] Childhood Nightmares

    I once dreamt that I had 3 cocks, and I'm not talking about poultry. Actually that is a lie . I wonder what the Freudian interpretation of such a dream would be?
  14. Billy Castell

    Movie Discussion

    As great as Jackie Chan is, they could have at least got a Japanese actor to do the Mr. Myagi part. Getting someone from Honk Kong to play it is like getting a Frenchman to play someone from Scotland, or getting someone from Scotland to play an Egyptian whose lived a long time in Spain.
  15. Billy Castell

    Keith Barker

    Went to see Warwickshire at the 20/20 today, and Keith Barker played a blinder. He was hopeless with the bat, as were everyone, but he finished with figures of 4-17, and had a hat trick. He's pretty a huge fast bowler and was the best bowler in the game.

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