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  1. Just a heads up. It is snowing over here and sticking. May be slow going on the M62 over the tops.
  2. Any of you heading over on the chugger today drop me a PM and I will buy you a pint in the West Riding if you fancy a pre match jar. Nice selection of ales and warm friendly welcome 👍
  3. On what grounds ? I conduct myself well and don't abuse anybody. I enjoy reading what is written on here as I have a soft spot for Rovers and have very close family who are season ticket holders. I'd love nothing more than us both to go up and earn a few quid although I would genuinely miss this league as it's brilliant. My Mums Auntie Phyllis used to live in the very end terraced house on Bolton Road as you walk towards the ground. Club store on your left and house on the right. Can't get much closer to the ground than that.
  4. The away stand is now half and half. Let's have a hug.
  5. It is. All Leeds aren't we. Married into Rovers. Love Leeds xx
  6. Sorry Matty 😉 Preston lads really take things with a pinch of salt. Leeds lads very similar. Calm down fella.
  7. Bit cheeky mate. Good luck tomorrow to all.
  8. Why ?? Leeds pay people's wages at away grounds. Get over yourself.
  9. Talking to a Leeds mate it looks like Rovers will have the Top tier in the West Stand and Leeds the bottom. Happened against Brentford earlier this season and passed off OK. Pretty sure the concourse will be halved with coppers and stewards. Apparently they only sell to members in this scenario.

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