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  1. Blue n White Rover

    Current chants

    Anyone know the chant being sung against Newcastle to the tune of this:
  2. Blue n White Rover


    Would rather take Sam Gallagher on a permanent if possible. Younger. Proven in the division and if he does well, then a much higher sell on value. That seems to be the model we are deploying with our signings and he fits the bill.
  3. Blue n White Rover

    Jordan Rhodes

    Offer him £60k a week but we can't lose Rhodes. Anyone that would sell him and arguing that the new contract is not deserved/justified then you're living in bubble.
  4. Blue n White Rover


    Wow. Exaggeration post of the year. Congratulations.
  5. Blue n White Rover

    Rubén Rochina

    Didn't Joe Kinnear do that?
  6. Blue n White Rover


    Nonsense. You do anything to win within the limits of the game. Sledging has been fantastic this series from both sides. If you don't like that part of the sport then Cricket isn't your game. Grow a pair and get on with it.
  7. Blue n White Rover


    I've enjoyed the entire series. I hope you have too. Broad off injured after a cracking delivery from Johnson. A lovely yorker. I said earlier on in the series that England's fielding has been poor. Prior again missed 2 easy stumping opportunities and Cook dropped a simple catch too. On the other hand, the Aussies have been brilliant on the field, an example being Johnson's catch in the first innings. I said England weren't great when they won 3-0 and criticised them a lot. However I was abused for winding people up. Aussies currently 167-1. Warner closing in on his century. England have been out-bowled, out-played, out-sledged. Utterly embarrassing and I personally feel sorry for those who will have saved up all year round to go watch that dribble. Australia on the other hand have been magnificent. A great bowling attack with Pattinson and Starc still to return from injury. The batting has finally come together and thoroughly deserve the lead. P.S. Warner has just got his century and just celebrated in Prior's face. Maybe Prior should concentrate on his own game before chirping away.
  8. Blue n White Rover


    What's happened to Jimmy Anderson?
  9. Blue n White Rover


    Barring that catch on day one, Carberry has been the only one who can come out with a bit of dignity in this match. Root looks to be playing well and no doubt the talk of him coming in at 3 will disappear.
  10. Blue n White Rover


    Another self-inflicted wicket thrown away. Surely surely a team cannot become this bad overnight? Mitchell Johnson has been magnificent this series but some serious changes needed. No fight in the team apart from Bell. I'd like to think a lot are batting for their place and test careers. Especially Prior.
  11. Blue n White Rover

    QPR [Away]; 7th December.

    Said all along that Henley should replace Kane. Henley is the future for us, Kane performs well and he'll be off back to Chelsea and we won't reap any benefits. Performance wise, Kane has been very poor this season.
  12. Blue n White Rover

    The Energy Industry - Your Thoughts?

    On a lighter note: I have just changed our electricity and gas suppliers to EDF with their blue price promise. Prices fixed till April 2017 (4 winters). Cheapest around I believe. No termination fee as well so can leave whenever you feel like.
  13. Blue n White Rover


    First of all I would like to apologise to all for my perceived 'trolling'. No personal insults were meant and I hope you can all accept my apology. Moving on to the game. Probably one of the best fast bowling spell's I have seen in a very long time. Bell again continuing his very good display in the summer and showed that with a bit of patience, it was an easy pitch to bat on. Should he be batting at number 3? I personally thought that Root threw his wicket away today after looking relatively good in the opening exchanges of the day. Another very impressive factor for me was the Aussie fielding. A splendid catch in the last game from Bailey started the demise at the Gabba and another great one handed catch from Warner today played another crucial part in getting the wickets to fall. Tailenders look petrified of Johnson. I said in the summer England didn't look convincing and these 2 tests are proving that I was right. Who takes the blame? Cook? Flower? Or the individuals. Shame to see such a humiliating display as I was rather looking forward to another fiercely contested Ashes series. Personally would look to bring in Compton and Onions. Those two will definitely add another dimension to the England attack. Anderson's fitness looks poor but back to back Ashes series will have played a significant part in that. Finally, I would like to wish Jonathon Trott a very speedy recovery. Was a great shame in seeing Trescothick leave the international scene due to his battles and would be another great shame in watching Trott leave.
  14. Blue n White Rover

    Ipswich Town vs. BRFC (Off. match preview)

    I would love to know the number of away games that we have won over the last 3-4 seasons. Anyone got an accurate figure?
  15. Blue n White Rover

    Jake Keans Form

    Robinson resumed first team training this week. Not sure if he is fully fit to play against QPR. We won't be eligible for a emergency loan as we have Eastwood amongst our ranks. Eastwood looked pretty shoddy to me against Carlisle in the cup game. Very poor with corners and distribution. GK position has always been a problem overseen by managers ever since Brad left. We're still feeling the stings of poor managerial decisions numerous years ago (Ince).

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