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  1. DeadlyDirk

    Gary Speed

    It is just a very messy situation and yes leaving children and a wife behind makes it even more difficult to understand. I think it just goes to show what kind of bloke Gary was as people have automatically assumed it's some kind of depression as it's the only one that really makes any sense at all. The only reason I asked is because unfortunately I knew someone who took his own life a few years back. I am not for one second suggesting that this might be a similiar situation to Gary Speed's, just that there are other options and that we do not know the whole story and perhaps never will. He wasn't particularly a friend, just someone you know from about town when you grow up. But anyway he took a trip down to Cardiff (Ironic as we're playing them) lost reportedly over 15k at a casino there and took his own life in the hotel room and never returned home. People assumed it was because he couldn't bare to tell his wife what he had done. She found out when she got the bank statements, he'd not even been a gambler before either apparantley, just made a very stupid choice that he couldn't live with, now I'm sure he was depressed about the situation but that's a different kind of depression than mentally suffering from it. All in all it's just very sad this has happened whatever the circumstances or reasons, thoughts go out to his family.
  2. DeadlyDirk

    Gary Speed

    RIP Gary, a model professional, very sad to hear the news, one of the few players who have never played for Rovers that as a kid I stopped and took the time to get the autograph of, still have it today from him in one of the old Leeds kits. I do have to say though, there has been a lot of talk about him suffering from depression and I may well be behind but has this been confirmed at all or are people just putting 2 and 2 together? I don't want to speak ill of the dead and certainly not without any knowledge whatsoever of the man's private life, I myself would also assume it's related to some kind of long term depression but there are other reasons why someone may choose to take their own life.
  3. DeadlyDirk

    John Jensen gone

    So what we basically know is... 1. Jensen was sacked by the board 2. Kean will have complete choice over his new assistant So in the eyes of the board Kean can have anyone in the world as his number 2, except John Jensen! I'm guessing we'll never 'officially' get word on why Jensen was sacked. Shows once again what kind of man Kean is, Jensen was apparantley his choice, the man he wanted to help take the club forward and the board have over ruled him 'apparantley' and said "No Steve, Jensen has to go regardless of what you think, it's a board decision". So Kean barely even makes a mention of it, acts as though he barely cares and just makes a general statement that he did good work and is sure to be back in football soon. I bet he really fought Jensen's corner. Or more likely it was Kean's decision, Jensen was a scape goat and the rest is just general bullsh*t. I despise this man, KEAN OUT. (Is there anything else to even say anymore, maybe just every topic and every reply on this forum should just read KEAN OUT until the horrid little man is gone.)
  4. DeadlyDirk

    John Jensen gone

    Or to put it another way, our heart and soul.
  5. DeadlyDirk

    John Jensen gone

    Why extend his contract in May if he wasn't up to the job?
  6. DeadlyDirk

    John Jensen gone

    What a joke, was going to say is this a scapegoat thing and he's been blamed for results or has he started to show dissent against the manager or is it the beginning of getting rid of both of them? Well looks like it's the scapegoat thing, what a joke, no idea how he has been as an assistant manager but I highly doubt he's been the one to blame for Kean's terrible reign, Kean/The club picked him afterall. KEAN OUT NOW!
  7. Now that was good! Caught me well off guard Crazy stuff, and here's a small piece of the action.
  8. Haha I love randomness like that. Some of his other reviews were pretty comical.
  9. DeadlyDirk

    New Games/General Gaming

    I'm still playing RDR, got really into the online mode which is a lot of fun if you can form a decent posse. Again if anyone fancies messing about online feel free to add me, DeadlyDirk23
  10. DeadlyDirk

    New Games/General Gaming

    I didn't like the ending Great game though, just need to finish a few of the Stranger missions and the Treasure Hunter challenge. Was the first Red Dead any good? IS it even similiar to this one?
  11. DeadlyDirk

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Not sure but I'm pretty sure he's mates with Tom Foolery.
  12. Quite funny, bouncers get a bad rep though, some of them are old school tossers but most are all right, I still have to do it from time to time so I'm just biased
  13. Wow, not your typical MP. This next one isn't particularly safe for work and contains some language that some viewers may deem inappropriate. I find it both hiliarious and mental at the same time.
  14. DeadlyDirk

    Movie Discussion

    Agree, Leon and Shawshank are unbelievable, they are must watch films. Am I the only person in the world though who still hasn't seen or have no intention of seeing, 'The Titanic'?

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