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  1. I bet he would, but we ain't a nursing home for over-the-top footballers. Give the man a worthy goodbye and bring in some fresh legs.
  2. According to norwegian press (who claims to be in-the-know) Morten Gamst Pedersen is now negotiating a new contract as his current one expires in 2010. Fair enough, but if the norwegian press is to be believed Gamst's contract today is worth NOK 18m a year, which transfers to around £33k/week. Now for the crazy part! The contract his agents are now negotiating for is believed to be worth around NOK 30m a year. This equals to around £55k/week, something that will give Gamst a nice wage increase of about 67%. Hopefully this is all a load of crap! How the hell can you put in one poor performance after the other and still get a wage increase of nearly 70pst? Football have officially gone mad if this happens to be the case...
  3. There is no doubt that we should try selling Gamst in the summer while his reputation is still fairly high. Just look at what other fans answer when they talk about our "danger men", hopefully there are some managers out there with the same view. With the crazy prices in the Premier League I'm sure we can get around £5m for him, which might leave around £3-4m for Hughes to spend. As someone else said, a player like Petrov is what we need. A bit of pace and some crossing/dribbling ability. There are plenty of players out there who can do the job....
  4. He's been brilliant since he came, but all those positive words coming out of his mouth was just rubbish then. Anyway, we all have to accept the fact that our best players do not see us as a big enough club for them. If Santa Cruz have a great end to the season then expect him to leave as well, along with Bentley....
  5. As long as thenodrog's pay-as-you-sell bonus program isn't included then I have no worries...
  6. Anyone know our average gates this season? Can we hope for 23-24 in May?
  7. From News Of The World - "Fat Cat Sparky" He's worth £35k a week!
  8. Ok, first paragraph, haha! Yes, he was better yesterday, infact he was better than for a long while. Therefore I responded when Tchockey said he was rubbish and you said he had a shocker. As for not being good enough for a top 4 team I totally agree with you.
  9. Then we didn't see the same game. Perhaps you had one pint to many.
  10. Clearly we did not see the same game. Imo Gamst played as good as he has ever done for us. If this was an "off form" performance then he's just had a handfull of "in form" games.
  11. Could have fooled me based on todays performance.
  12. From the article we see that Benni is very careful in his use of words. Reading between the lines I think he is desperate for a move to Chelsea. I'm afraid this is just the start of something that might turn very ugly.... One more thing, the way he calls West Ham a great team in the Premier League and with great history...
  13. There is no way Chelsea will buy McCarthy if they don't sell one of their strikers.
  14. I agree that Jenas coming on and not Bentley was a joke to say atleast. But the thing about England is that you ain't allowed to experiment. If you lose even a friendly game then the bloody press will have your head on a plate the following morning...
  15. Unless there is something in the contract between Rovers and Bet24 along the lines of "if you sell MGP we have the right to...", which I highly doubt, then there is pretty much nothing they can say about anything involving us selling or buying players.
  16. McCarthy interview Nothing new really, says he really like Blackburn as a club but we ain't able to offer him Champions League football which by the sound of it is the most fantastic thing in the world. As I see it, if no Champions League club comes in for him then he is happy to stay, but if a big club puts the pressure on then hell will break lose if we don't let him leave... It may well turn ugly if Hughes and the club wants to play hard, demanding a high fee for him!
  17. 11th and 14th spot the last two seasons, can't be to upset with that.
  18. Well, thats the reality for ALL the Premier League clubs except the top four. This is one of the main reasons why the smaller clubs ain't able to compete with the big guns. We (along with most of the PL) can't buy a whole team in one transfer window so we have to build a solid squad over a good couple of season.. We can only hope Hughes can continue to build, because it will be damn hard to keep all of our players in the summer.
  19. I fully understand if McCarthy wants a move to a CL club, who in their right mind won't (unless they are a Blackburn fan)? Of course I want the lad to stay, but every player has a price, and for Benni I would be "happy" if we got around £12m for him. Can see anyone other than Chelsea paying that though.
  20. Good article that, perhaps we can worry a bit less now. Did you see the moron posting the first comment on story? "I wouldnt be at all bothered if McCarthy left, as long as we made a profit. Here are my reasons - you have to look beyond the goal tally. He might have scored 18 goals, but half where tap ins" Perhaps the most stupid comment I've ever seen.
  21. In order to keep our best players the club have to match the ambiton of the players, if it can't they will leave, its a simple fact.
  22. IF these quotes is infact from Benny and not taken out of context then I expect him to leave in the summer. So if a club in the Champions League from either Spain or England wants him, its nothing we can do about it. Don't think we will get that much for a 30 year old either, maybe around the £5m mark. This will be another summer of hell.... A bit of a kneejerk reaction, but I wonder how much longer Hughes will put up with losing his best players...
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