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  1. Just played that right through Stuart........Mrs. Fife wants to know if you're tired of living and want boring to death?
  2. Burnley 2 up and cruising according to SSN. Ipswich now 3 up. We need another goal (or two even) EDIT: Burnley had a player sent off.
  3. Yes I think we do......Taking it all round and allowing for the very difficult circumstances he has had to operate under, I would say Gary Bowyer has produced the best managerial performance we have seen since Allardyce was so disgracefully thrown out. GB most certainly deserves to be considered for the position on a permanent basis, and in a fair competition with any other candidates that are daft enough to want it. (And I don't think there will be too many of them either).
  4. Is there anything actually happening on the pitch? So far not a single post has mentioned anything at all about the game. I am presuming it has actually started.
  5. The obvious way would be to re-start with a goalkick. I am assuming the ball had crossed the goal line in leading to the disputed "goal".
  6. Hmmmmm!.......You have just made sure that no decent talent will ever join Rovers again.
  7. Hmmmm.......just do it 16 times by "mistake" and in the morning you'll be the boss. But only of yourself.......what a shame;).
  8. Exactly what we have had in Scotland for many years. You cannot buy any alcoholic drink of any kind inside the ground, nor can you take any into the ground in a bag or pocket. No bottles or flasks of any kind are allowed (no not even a vacuum flask of tea or coffee) and EVERY person is searched as you approach the turnstiles. It has worked very well and without any trouble or backlash at all.
  9. Is anything fixed in place when a herd of wild beasts goes on the rampage?
  10. I don't disagree with any of that S1M30, but i would just like to add that whilst a very significantly large part of the population does indeed act as you describe above, I also believe that it is still a minority of the total population that does so. A siginificantly large minority, but thankfully still a minority. And therefore it is not yet too late to act to correct this situation; it simply needs the partof the population that is still in the majority to make a decision that it is high time to act to reverse the trend. This obviously would need the election of a Government that makes restoration of Law and Order a major priority and stands for election with this high on it's agenda. So far I am not aware that any party has declared sufficient political will to do so. Therefore it is up to the public at large that want true Law and Order back again to make their feeelings known and that they are willing to subjugate other poilitical aims like economics strategy etc in order to get some order and stability back into society. Then and only then can we return to normal political agenda's and pusue our differencees of opinion.
  11. OK Sambo I can now see that you are seeing things in the right way. I am sorry if I appeared to have misjudged you from your original post; it was just that I got the wrong impression from your words "I don't think they intended to hurt anyone". That to me seemed as though (while not condoning their actions) you were suggesting that as an excuse for their actions. My contention is that there cannot ever be ANY excuse for the kind of actions these people took. You would have to be a complete imbecile to not realise that throwing a bin around in a dense crowd could ever do anything else but cause injury or worse. I do now see that you wer NOT intending that as an excuse for their behavior.
  12. So how do you interpret his words that say "but I dont think they intended anyone to get hurt"? How can anyone start throwing a bin around in a densely packed concourse and not expect someone to get hurt. It is absolutely inevitable that someone is VERY likely to be hurt or seriously injured if they do that. Which is exactly what did happen. How could anyone other than a complete idiot expect any other outcome?
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