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  1. Is Nyambe free to speak to clubs for a free transfer after tomorrow? What an end to this year, what a year anyway
  2. Feeling sick after the match. Got a kicker with their goal but amazing goal from rothwell to pull us level. Holtby has not been shining for a few matches now. Glad to see Brereton and Dack back. Brereton rusty with no minutes before his return but still showed better than Gally. Dack class. expected a better result tbh
  3. Horrible game. Poor conditions in the second half. Can count shots on target with me fingers for all that possession
  4. We do miss Big Ben with his work rate, hold up and direct running. Thought he would be back
  5. Hayden Carter is a good footballer, he needs time to bed in though. Didn’t start out as CB. Further along in his development than Pike though Pike is a good un as well. I would persist with Carter.
  6. He did. That famed Brentford front line and Toney in particular didn’t get much of a sniff in the 2nd half. Credit to Ayala and Johnson for marshaling and the experience to see things through
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