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  1. Father of Russian football Arthur Davidovich McPherson A Scot
  2. Tony Watt another good one scores against Barcalona ends up playing in Belguim for teams till boss gets sick of him in training Still young though to cgangebhis ways and even his diet
  3. John Mcgovern two European cups for Forrest never got capoed by Scotland
  4. Anothet 9 that was 1 pure desperate ??
  5. Hows it poor as its ever been teams like Motherwell and Killie have had great seasons Hibs Rangers Aberdeen fought till last day for second Ross County went down on last day Partick knocked out in semis as said before there was a bigger gap in the EPL
  6. Ten league two players who signed for EPL cluvs naw thought not
  7. So you not got 10 then for me? You expect me to catch the names? How many of you are in here? Been a few comments on same lin if you happen to scroll down But it dont matter I just want answers nobody has a lot of them in here it seems
  8. How im I changing the goal post he mention league two I am asking 10 players wgo went durectly to EPL its not even hard pretty sure our championship sold more
  9. Still waiting on ten league two EPL players
  10. Most there played league one I asked for league two So you cant name another 10 out league two thought not
  11. I dont think your trolling I know you are Look at Scott Arfield prime example plays over 100 games at Scottish championship level with Falkirk Goes down to Huddersfield keeps older guts on less games out the team gets promoted adapts and devolopes in championship moves to Burnley ends up in EPL And he puts that down to playing more competitive football instead of under 23 stuff were winning is important Now has a great mentality to come back up the road and play for his boyhood heroes Rangers Loads of others in his shoes to did the same
  12. Aye that is not you putting it down neither it is So give me ten signings from league two teams or league one teams that go straight to the EPL Again other question since you dpnt want to answer my kast one still waiting for a answer on that to And if it is why you watching it?Lets me gause you dont that is just the same consensuis that 95% of English fans come with Difference is the scouts do for all our games there full of English championship scouts even at Scots league one level teams like PNE scouting McDade
  13. Scotland been to more than Wales might not got out the group due to goal difference a few times but we were there at world cups even England failed to reach Worce keague in the world give me a break think your trolling for a reaction not us
  14. Wow saying NI were one of the worst defensive park the bus teams at Hampden is deriding them? Northern Ireland is not England fellas dont see why you would even want to bring that up Also pretty sure most of these guys got there badges in Largs with Mourinio and Martnez and so many others Epic fail again lads this would be comical if it was not so sad ????
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