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  1. 20 million zloty war chest, standing by your beds Waiting for an update from these often loopy threads No-one has an inkling, no-one has a clue, Especially Mr Nixon, (a chancer, through and through) Down the hill at Brockhall, Eustace has a plan, Wait till no-one's looking, then throw the shit at fan, Money in the kitty? I think we know that's tosh The chicken choking shit-show, has scarpered with the dosh. One thing that is certain, just what the club will do, If Chaddy says it's one thing, the opposite comes true πŸ˜‰ Sorry Chris. Only joking. Keep that finger firmly on the pulse - the rest of us are taking the summer off till there's actually some news πŸ™‚
  2. Aye. Doesn't bode well does it? Then again, things can change rapidly in any walk of life, and football is just as volatile and ephemeral as any other sector... There may well come another day when we can have gold taps in the bogs..
  3. Come on Mark, don't mince your words mate πŸ™‚ 100% agree - the deluded of Pune should gtf out of our club. Honourless twats.
  4. It's a nerve jangler, to be sure, the rivalry between Rovers and Burnleh. It would be great, at some point, for both teams to go into the battle on an even footing, instead of one side having a financial and quality advantage. Whilst the long years of Rovers 'dominance' were wonderful for this end of the M65, we all know it was due to having access to much better resources and the relative comfort of being able to field players from the top of the barrel, not the bottom. Since the position is merely reversed these past few years, it should be no surprise to anyone that Rovers have declined and the Clarrots have enjoyed the spoils. As for next season, unless there is a miraculous turn around behind the scenes at Ewood we will probably be lining up as underdogs awaiting another beasting from the playground bully. At least we know how our 6 fingered cousins felt all those years when Stan the man brought his gallant old stagers along in the misfiring mini to play our thoroughbreds in their polished and pristine Ferraris. For me, the whole question of money in the game has created far too much of a stench to not see through the reality of the situation. Despite our partisan proclivities, money is the defining factor in the outcome of games, and despite our so called 'billionaire owners' (yeah right) we don't have any. I'm certainly not suggesting we throw in the towel, or simply lie down and wait for the inevitable head down the bog humiliation, because this is football after all, and we all know that anything can happen. No, I simply look forward to a day, some time in the near future I hope, where the supporters of both Rovers and Burnleh can go into a derby day clash with equal hope and expectation of the spoils - that would be a game worth turning up for, shouting ourselves hoarse, and walking away with real bragging rights having won the contest by being the best team of the day. Fuck the money, let's get back to a contest about pride in the badge and the tradition. COYB!
  5. Well done to the men in yellow this afternoon. Pears made a couple of very good saves, especially at one-nil up, when he tipped it onto the bar and away. Sammie, what a legend! I think it unlikely we will see him in Rovers colours again, which is a shame, as the lad is a natural and does everything that you'd want a Rovers player to do for the team. Time for some reflection, some realism, and some change. I'm glad we did the business. It did look like the gods were conspiring against us at half time, but cometh the hour, cometh the man... Why can't our players show up like that and like against Leeds, every week? It is the great footballing conundrum - if you could guarantee it, we'd probably just complain. See you next season, boys and girls! Enjoy the summer..
  6. Like any other game, we have to take our chances, keep it tight at the back, and look to get our noses in front if possible. It's a different situation altogether from the Leeds game, where somehow the circumstances conspired to help us, and we took the one chance brilliantly. Today, Leicester will be feeling relaxed - their job is done already, whereas Leeds fell victim to the tension in their ground. The Foxes will be in party mode, and able to play for shits and giggles because whatever happens, the result doesn't matter for them. Rovers are in the Leeds situation themselves today though - if they capitulate, expect a severe tonking as heads go down. Then it will be entirely down to what three other teams can do on the day. We only need one to slip up and we are safe, and remember, the nerves will be jangling around those dressing rooms and terraces too. COYB!
  7. Fair play Kushiro, a cracking read that, and oddly quite emotion stirring, especially the references to our most recent glory days, sadly now half a lifetime in the past 😞 Now, if only we can find out where Harper was laid to rest, then if we dig him up ahead of 12.30 tomorrow and put a bag of bones instead of our own 'striker' maybe we'll find the back of the Leicester net like the good old days...
  8. It'll be worse than a Saturday evening episode of Dr. Who when I was a kid....I wish I didn't give a toss, but as we know, your club is a big part of your life and for us to be so mired in negativity and facing a strong chance of the drop, it is not easy to stay upbeat. The last game of season 2023-24 should have been a celebration, not an anxious wait at the bedside of an ailing loved one. Let's just hope we aren't collectively planning a funeral come 2.30 tomorrow...:( Come on, you maddening, saddening, mighty Blues. C'mon.
  9. Ye cannae make a silk purse, from a wee coo's ear. Alchemy is a myth. The Magic Circle is full of charlatans pulling the wool over peoples' eyes. We are bottom feeders, managed by a bottom dweller. End of.
  10. We have to go out in a blaze of something approaching glory, or risk the unpalatable consequences. From such a promising start to the season, we have conspired to engineer a catastrophe where there should have been celebration. Even if we do avoid the drop, it will be a pyrrhic victory, and we will have to endure a wholly uncertain summer on the back of the Indian goon's inability to sort out their domestic affairs. I'm not one to rain on Leicester's parade - their form this season has been brilliant, whilst ours has been at best patchy, and at worst appalling. Who knows, it is a funny old game, and Leicester will have cause for celebration whatever the result on the day. I'd like it if we could achieve safety at our own hand, but can't say I would be surprised if it is taken out of our hands by the quality of our opposition and the general upswing of fortune of those other clubs looking over their shoulder. At least we can't complain it has been a boring season πŸ™‚
  11. Aye but we'd cream ourselves to have a striker of half his calibre in our team next season, wouldn't we? It is likely to be slim pickings instead, as the Venky Babu ShitShow continues to roll it's stinky filth over the good name of Blackburn Rovers for yet another season of the bonfire of the vanities.
  12. Fleck must have been laughing his tiny useless shinpads off at the approach. At least McFadz has shown some application, even if he is slower than your grandma.
  13. Someone at this sodding club must enjoy Russian Roulette 😞 Why on earth we kept pussy-footing around at the edge of the box rather than going route one and bludgeoning a goal I will never know. FFS skin of teeth into a sodding gale, because you just know Leicester will take this lot to absolute pieces..
  14. Brittain should have had a pop from there, or leave it to someone who can strike the ball. Wasted opportunity 😞
  15. I see the Blackburn End upper tier is half open this afternoon too. That bodes well for a good turn out. Sadly couldn't make it today due to a bout of tonsilitis and horrible conjunctivitis with a temperature. Hoping Rovers can keept their cool and that the Sky Blues don't have me blowing my top πŸ˜‰ COYB!!
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