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  1. Grr why are there adverts on ,get the bloody game on!
  2. Am i right in thinking that Cantona missed a penalty at Ewood (or rather, Flowers saved it)? My Dad says Cantona never missed whilst in England but I'm almost certain he missed when we lost 3-2 once?
  3. It would take silly money to attract someone like Baines as Wigan don't have any need to sell. Bridge would be a more realistic option but he won't some cheap either, certainly not in terms of wages. I happen to think Gray is still a good option if Neill does go in January but we should be definitely be looking to recruit or promote someone to play left back for the longer term. As for Neill, very disappointed in his attitude off the pitch but as long as he keeps producing the goods on it then there's no reason to change anything until he moves. We have a lot of experienced players in Brad, Nelsen and Sav who are all worthy captains in their own right and when Neill does leave his loss in terms of leadership will be minimal compared to the impact he would have on the overall balance of the squad - his ability to play to a good standard all across the defence hugely important to us IMO.
  4. From what I saw of Henchoz last season at Wigan, I wouldn't have touched him with a barge pole. I never thought he was all that in the first place (we were relegated in his only full season if I remember rightly) and although I give Henchoz a chance I won't be surprised to see this blow up in our faces. Questionable to say the least.
  5. Apparently we are offering him an improved contract offer. Hardly newsworthy really.
  6. Pretty sure I've just overheard on Sky Sports News that he's going to sign a new deal with us??? Anyone else hear it or am I having a mad one?
  7. Lost a lot of cohesion when the changes started coming but all in all a decent performance.
  8. Was a cracking goal, right footed from the edge of the area straight into the top bag. From the little I've seen we look well in control, Roberts is knocking them all over the place.
  9. We are winning 1-0, I missed the goal though!
  10. Great early chance for Roberts from a MGP corner, blocked by a defender.
  11. Yes, because he would have won two Premiership medals had he stayed with us. :ph34r:
  12. Yep, it's being confirmed on SSN as I type, 4 year contract. I think it's a good signing.
  13. On the whole I think he should go, we have ample cover at both right back and right midfield and he hasn't shown anything on the pitch to suggest he's worth keeping. In saying that we are going to need a much bigger squad next season and he will get more opportunities, and he isn't the most saleable asset unless he has a good World Cup (only has 12 months left if I recall correctly). Wouldn't be surprised either way.
  14. When was the last time Amoruso played for us at any level?
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