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  1. I would not mind this rather pontless (because duff will never return to the rovers) thread; but I am currently playing football manager and can't seem to get the press or newcastle to understand I don't want Duff in my squad at blackburn! even tried telling them I'd never heard of him but... It is really getting on my tits having to read and dismiss 20 different reports of my so called interest every time I have a play!
  2. I want one! http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?...mp;in_page_id=2
  3. Worst landing ever!!! Ouch! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2307135223378952178
  4. dude you are whistling in the wind on that score! "Proper" Goal keeping kit in a clubs coulers is rare as rocking horse poo!
  5. Genius! http://youtube.com/watch?v=VBH0eV2hpKI http://youtube.com/watch?v=a8RZ_FCIFyo&mode=related&search=
  6. If you want to find out the trith behind the 'global warming' phenonoman (sp?) read state of fear by Michael Crichton! OK the story is utter Pishh but the arguements within are sound. further more there is a glossery of many scientific papers upon which they are all based, so if you so wish you can make up your own mind using un-biased reports from scientists who do not want to sell papers or fill a 10 minute slot in the scedual!
  7. Yep, then E-Mailed it to Andy! Thought I'd bring it to his attention! Sorry dude!
  8. BRAVO THAT MAN WOW, OMFG!!! Loved almost every second of it!, now the sloppy stuff is out the way (Lesson lernt? God I hope so) he can be as Bond should be, A cold hearted ruthless SOB! Daniel Craig was born to play this role! Even if he does have the most startling blue eyes I have ever seen on a man or a woman! Move over Sean/George/Rodger/Timothy/peirce you have all been eclipsed by the one and only Bond, James Bond!
  9. This will never happen guys, end of chat! He would never take the wage cut we'd have to offer, and we do not have a big enough profile, equalling loss of sponsorship! This has come about from a chance off the cuff remark by MH and been blown out of proortion. As it was when Sam Allerdice made similar comments.
  10. Have to agree with abbs! the more I read your post the more I thin of you as a twa................
  11. Impressing is one thing, its a long way to go in one season!
  12. I mentioned this at the end of last season...I think brad will finish this season and return home for a couple of years before retiring. His kid is of the age where a move would not affect her schooling too much etc...and Think he is not too far from hanging his gloves up! We need to start a proper search for a first team keeper, Peter Enckleman, as good as he is, does not inspire confidence when he is between the sticks! I only hope Brad remembers Blackburn and her fans with affection, and pays "us" the greatest compliment by returning in the future as head goal keeping coach!
  13. Absolutly gutted I'm going to miss this game! been stuck on night shift since last Thursday...(I'll leave you to guess why), I had leave booked and every thing! I don't even think that the computer in work will let me log-on to rovers world! I think we will play 2 different teams each half, so it'll be the seasons first team then the reserves... ROVERS 3(2) - 1(1) Accrington Stanley. Have a pint or 5 for me guys! It means you can only get in if you have bought a ticket...and none will be on sale at the game...meaning you can't just pich up 5 mins before kick off and get one/in.
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