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  1. 15 minutes ago, Wheelton Blue said:

    I'm one of Mowbray's harshest critics, but he can not be faulted at the moment.

    That was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, Ewood was buzzing.

    Guts, determination and a dose of quality to win the game.

    Please Tony, don't start tinkering now. This is the best shot we've had in years.

    He’s better when his options are limited. Give him choice and he can’t cope with a formation, style or team selection. Ironically if we sign players in Jan and in the unlikely event lose no one it’ll trigger his instincts to fuck about and we’ll no doubt go on an overdue Mowbray death spiral. 

  2. 1 minute ago, booth said:

    Not a lot of cheering on their forum at the moment. A lot of sour grapes 😄

    Well a few seasons in tier 2 have gone to their heads. Like us they have their main rivals. But for some reason we live rent free in their heads. For 40 years rovers fans didn’t think about Preston but clearly they’ve had an envious eye on us and it gets the better of them now we’re equals (ish). 

  3. 9 hours ago, FortressEwood said:

    A relegation ensured by Coyle

    A squad rebuild bringing through many Academy lads. Now 4th, 1 point behind 3rd

    Compared to the 5 or 6 years before he arrived we are now a steady ship.

    Yes, legend. You are on the wrong side of history.



    8 hours ago, Roverinbelfast said:

    Jesus wept indeed. A quick google search shows me that city ran to a 130 million pound loss 19/20. Do the fans blame pep for that? Do they even care as the owners have to pick up the tab. 

    I don't need to explain why we run to a loss im sure you know why yourself. But how the heck can you blame Mowbray for that. Insane 🤣🤣🤣

    I sense you’re both getting a little bit giddy because of our temporary lofty league position before the inevitable death spiral down to at best mid table. We’ve been here many times.

    Mowbray is an average manager doing an average job (in many ways a poor mans Gary Bowyer). 10th - 14th is what he’s capable of delivering and to date has only delivered. In terms of blaming him for the overspending, clearly it’s not his fault but he’s partially to blame putting players on too much money and extending contracts of players surplus to requirements (and yes I do partially blame managers for reckless spending whether it was ‘arty at Portsmouth but the lions share of the blame lies with the bean counters). Unless of course you’re buying the guff he doesn’t get involved in the negotiations. 

    I’ll wager you’re both quite young and haven’t seen rovers as anything other than a shambles but if you honestly think Mowbray is a legend I can assure you there’s at least 100 ahead of him. So I suppose we’re blessed to have so many legends. 

  4. Warnock 7 promotions 2 more recently to the top fight than Mowbray. Hughton 2 promotions to the prem more recently than Mowbray. McCarthy 2 promotions to the prem 1 more recently than Mowbray. Hughes 10-15 years managing in the top flight and international pedigree.

    If they’re faded has beens I’ve no idea what Mowbray is and indeed was after nearly a decade of managerial failures before his pleasantly surprising albeit average stint at rovers. 

  5. At the start of the season when it became apparent moggasurus would bumble on for another year I thought we’d possibly break club records for low home attendances. I looked at this fixture as the one which might break the records - small away following, midweek, coming towards Xmas, crap side, etc.

    As it turned out Fulham in early nov was the lowest attendance since the ground was redeveloped but I stand by my summer prediction this will be the lowest attendance of the season and therefore lowest for over 3 decades. 

    * wasn’t Fulham that was the record drubbing. Potentially hull for the attendance one

  6. 23 minutes ago, Upside Down said:

    Agreed. To charge more that £20 for any match at this level is an absolute have.

    The only exception to charging more than £20 in this division if you can take advantage of supply and demand. But for Bristol city a 25,000 ish seater stadium 1/3rd empty and rovers a 30,000 seater 2/3rds empty £20 is plenty. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, Hasta said:

    God some negativity on here. We are up against a city club who can get over 15000 home fans and were in the top flight barely 40 years ago. What do some of you lot expect? 

    I’m actually surprised they have played top flight football. Sure Bristol has a stat of biggest place to effectively do nothing. Perhaps it’s biggest place not to win a trophy. 🤷‍♂️

  8. 2 minutes ago, Armchair supporter supremo said:

    don't need to read it, Tony changes his tune from week to the next. win a game and it's 'we have the abilty to be up in the mix' lose a few and it's 'we're just not good enough and don't have the finances to compete with the teams in and around the top 6...' he's just a blow hard never-has-bin dinosaur of a manager. 


    Mowbray out

    Waggot out

    My personal favourite excuse is when he bemoans either the size or quality of his own squad as if it’s something that has nothing to do with him. But he’ll be the first to tell you he doesn’t make excuses. 

  9. 22 minutes ago, speeeeeeedie said:

    It is pointless but if there is a preliminary qualifying group San Marino would finish bottom of that too. 

    How would that group fit in with the schedule? They'd have to play more matches just to get into a group then more than likely would be the whipping boys all over again. 

    The pitch is a mess too. 

    I reckon they should play preliminary games to get into real qualifiers during major tournaments. So as the top sides playing in the euros/world cup the least crap of the dregs win the right to get battered as per usual. 

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