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  1. Wilder strongly linked to West Brom. Seems eminently realistic. They won't keep Sam on after they go down.
  2. I have a hunch he'll go at some point following the conclusion of the season. Venkys seem to only engage properly during the close season and he will have missed every target he promised to deliver on regardless where we finish now. Think they'll feel they've done the honorable thing giving him the season but cut their losses with only a year to go on his contract.
  3. Kaminski was only signed on a 2 year deal, right? Looks every inch a Prem goalie so could be one we lose this summer for a fee unless we want to lose him on a free. Can't see a Belgium international being happy lower midtable in the Championship.
  4. Judging by the outpouring of public support from the rest of the squad you'd think it incredibly unlikely sadly. They know it's serious and Dack will know what a torn ACL feels like.
  5. We have the Crewe lad coming in at LB, if he hasn't changed his mind
  6. They knew on the night last time it happened. Player will know what's happened to him
  7. From the replay looked like our pisstake of a pitch caused that injury to Dacky rather than Raya. Looked like his left leg got caught up. Could be worth much more than £2m now.
  8. Don't doubt Wilder did a good job getting them out of the Champ and surviving a year in the Prem but so did Wagner. Dubious transfer record to rivals Mowbray's with big money flops in Ramsdale, McBurnie and Brewster among others. Not to mention bizarrely giving Rodwell a good deal.
  9. Still maintain a properly managed Sam Gallagher playing as an actual striker with the full confidence of his manager for an extended run could easily get 10-15 goals in this league.
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