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[Archived] Zidane And Materazzi

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I've read that Zidane has been given a "three match ban" which he will serve by doing three days of community service, while Materazzi has been banned for two Euro Qualifiers.

Personally, I think this is absolutely ludicrous - Zidane and Materazzi both agreed that his comments were defamatory but not racist, and to be given 2/3 of the suspension for saying something is absurd. The only reason this became an issue was so Zidane could go out with part of the blame shifted. There was no excuse for the headbutt, and a "three match ban" is a laugh - De Rossi got 4 WC games for a non-malicious elbow.

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By punishing Materazzi for his provocation, FIFA partially legitimised Zidane's actions in the World Cup final.

This bit in particular rings very true. I can't believe that in some quarters Zidane is being painted as the victim in this.

A two match ban for insulting language? What a farce.

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