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  1. If you're actually interested: Designated Player Rule And yes, Beckham gets most of that announced money from owning the entirety of his image rights, sponsorship deals, and a cut of his jersey sales. Right now the NY Red Bulls have 3 designated player spots, for Juan Pablo Angel, Thierry Henry, and Rafa Marquez.
  2. The MLS doesn't pay all of the salaries - for the "superstar" players, the MLS only pays the first $350,000 or so of their salary, and the rest is picked up by the owners.
  3. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/players/stats?id=61885&cc=5901
  4. Normans were Vikings. They did become Christian in later years, though.
  5. I agree, he does deserve a chance, but Nonda and Benni are also in great form right now. Isn't it nice to have the problem of three good strikers pushing for 2 spots rather than looking for two fit strikers or someone to partner Bellamy?
  6. Thanks to TV and $$$, baseball, basketball, and football seasons have all been extended at least a month.
  7. And then on the contrary again, Nelsen was a defender just entering his prime - 29 is much older for a striker than a defender.
  8. Remember Babbel, Amo, and even Friedel knocking them in a couple seasons back.
  9. It was a fluke and the team is still playing very well recently.
  10. I don't think Hughes attended Stanford, but Ryan Nelsen graduated in 2001 with a degree in political science. Go Cardinal!
  11. That's hardly surprising, considering neither of them were playing professionally until after receiving college degrees.
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