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[Archived] Xbox Live

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I'm interested but currently haven't got a Gold membership. I'm considering it though. I do have a couple of 48 hour free trials though so I will be able to play.

Currently got these for multiplayer:

Madden 07

NHL 07

Top Spin 2

Pro Evo 6

Fight Night Round 3

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Gamertag: Shev 777

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Is it possible to set up a wireless connection for the xbox using a wireless key, but not the xbox one?

yes (and this is all from memory), setup the connection as normal (it auto detects if I remember correctly), when it asks for the key or password type in the one setup on the router and it should be plain sailing from then on.

have a good one everyone i'm off to vegas for a week.

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I think you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll get it back. I had a problem with my xbox in august and they came and picked it up for free the next day and delivered it (to another address) for free within 6 days, having fixed the problem.

Good game yesterday promoted, shame about all the lag though, we'll have to have a rematch.

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Discovered my wife had bought me a surprise XBox360 for Christmas and managed to persuade her to let me have it early (I claimed there is an unwritten tradition that if you find out before Advent you can have it). I guess I'm on Santa's naughty list now but I am also on XBox Live too :lol: Gamertag is Ade67 if anyone out there wants a friend - currently playing PGR3, Dead Rising and several Live Arcade games...

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