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  1. If that happens then I would expect it to be swiftly followed by flying pigs! I will admit that I put a bet on Rovers to be relegated at 21-1 a while back - not feeling very confident.
  2. Good signing, 4 year contract is a bit much though - he might be deadwood after 3 seasons! Now how about signing some defensive cover! We look awful at the back!
  3. From a comment at teamtalk. Seems like some sense coming from a united fan! "Going to work with Michael Laudrup again following his departure from Mallorca. They worked together in Brondby and Getafe a few years back. I think they will be unveiled in Hamburger SV, where John Jensen also played from 88-90. As you now Frank Arnesen is there now and it's considered he will bring his old friends to his new club after they fired their manager last week"
  4. Most the team was crap. If barton was given more of a run out then maybe we could have done something. The forwards were clueless again.
  5. I say Hughes should become captain and fill that defensive midfield void! He still has some fire in him!
  6. He says it wasn't about the money, it was about being wanted. Thats why he turned down liverpool. However, he was wanted here but wouldn't sign, so ###### to Neill his just another "final payday" Beckham.
  7. Who's next now Lucas has gone. Nelson the Oojer second? Nelson, Savage?
  8. It's been reported in a few news sites. Albeit Australian ones.
  9. Contract has been agreed, his gone. Undisclosed fee believed to be around 2 million
  10. He looks like his lost a lot of weight, but then again the pies in birmingham are @#/?
  11. Replace Reid? His staying. Good player too. Just unlucky with injuries
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