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[Archived] Fm Or Cm? Which Is Best?

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Just thinking about taking the plunge but I know absolutely zilch about either game. Can anyone tell me which is the best all round game of the two and which is the easiest for a knowledgeable (and old) football supporter that has plenty of PC and simulator experince (Trainz, MS Train Sim, and MS Flight Sim) but no footie sims as yet. Been a Rovers supporter since 1946, so seen it all! :)

Anyway folks I would be very grateful for any genuine advice based on the above.



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There's no football management simulation (that I know of) that is easy to jump into these days (I'm excluding website ones). Football Manager is definitely the way to go. It is easy once you get used to the system, but complex enough to keep you hooked. Plus the FM series is the successor to the old CM series.

You will need to spend a bit of time at the start getting a feel for the functions. I would play a test two to three months with Barcelona or an easy club to manage to get a feel for it, before taking Rovers in a new game. It is definitely worth it, though, and you will never have to get used to newer football sims again.

The new CM series merely carries the name, not the same company and developers. I admit to not having played any new CM game. I've had a look at the boxes for past new CM games, but they don't look too good to me.

Another advantage is that the FM developers have a final patch out for download, fixing some of the mistakes in the store version. Too many games are released faulty and without that support.

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Well thanks folks for your advice. I acted on it a few days ago and bought FM2007 for a bargain £19-99 in my local Game store. Man this is some game! I am still trying to get my head round the tutorial and that is going to take some time at present rate of progress. Not that there is anything difficult about it; just the sheer scale of the thing. Not to worry we will get there, but I am not holding out much hope of managing Rovers this season. :)

Might start with Burnley and "help" them to get relegated! :lol:

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