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  1. Italians in general are much healthier than us Brits smoking aside. They have far lower rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity than us Brits. They eat healthier and are generally in better health in older age. I lost my grandad 2 years ago. Who was still pretty fit even at 91. Yes he smoked like most Italians do. However his diet was immense given the lack of formal education Southern Italiens received in 30 and 40s I'm convinced that when a full and comprehensive review is done. One of the key findings that will come out of it. Will find how unhealthy we are as a nation. Which is t
  2. Yes I've read it others similar. What the scope of such studies are limited too are clinical. They dont look at the physical characteristics of each nation whether that socio economic, demographic or population mapping. There was good reason why Britain was predicted to have a large death toll. Well before the government did or didn't put certain plans in place. Research done before the first recorded death suggested a high death. Researches would of looked at the whole picture including public health (which is woeful) the amount of people which of have chronic illness ( which is signific
  3. I think it's time for logic and reason to give up. I'll break it down for you... New Zealand large remote island population 4.8 million. Lots of natural resources, houses and commuties more less densely populated UK 20% smaller population 66 million. I realy do despair as to why this dosent compute
  4. Ardern has the luxury of knowing that due to its size and popation distribution she can make certain promises and probably get away with it As for Cuomo, he has done a great job, in terms of presentation and communication. Top marks, still dosent hide the fact that NY state has as many deaths as the UK, has had chronic shortages of PPE and ventilators. If he was the UK pm you would of still hammered him irrespective of his communication skills
  5. Australia's cities are significantly less in terms of density than the UK. Take Sydney and London as examples. London has double the population. Sydney is nearly 12 times larger in terms of city boundaries If you are resource rich, you are not reliant on imports. As such you can close your borders. Australia has 100s of billions more arable and agricultural land to sustain itself. It also has vast amount of metals, coals and gas. To build stuff. The UK on the other is the polar opposite. Trying to compare the UK to Australia or NZ is pointless. As much as it fits a certain na
  6. Australia is not a good comparison or example imo. It is possibly for its size the most natural resource rich and sparsely populated nation on earth. It is a major exporter. The UK is a major importer If we close our borders entirely, we starve and the economy dies. NZ and Australia have so many natural advantages that is moot to make any comparison to the UK. Better comparisons are with the belelux nations
  7. I was waiting for NZ to creep into this conversation. NZ Population 4.8 million, UK 66 million. NZ area is around 20% larger NZ is possibly better placed that any nation in the world to fight coronavirus as social distancing is so much easier for them. There cities are relatively small and density in their cities makes it easier to social distance. NZ economy is also not commerce and finance based. They are blessed with lots of fertile land and export lots of products. In this country we don't the ability to close the borders for sustained periods. NZ can be self sufficient for a lo
  8. THe head of the ONS nick stripe Lots of comment about the UK having the highest death toll in Europe. International comparisons are incredibly difficult to do and will be for some time to come. UK death registrations data is the fastest, most frequent and most in depth than any other stats agency. 1/n But death registrations data is what will eventually allow us to compare e.g. ISTAT (Italian stats agency) yesterday brought out data for deaths in March. It showed 25k excess deaths and almost double those attributed to COVID previously We've just reported up to 24
  9. You just answered yourself, if we don't understand the virus. What it is, how it mutates and ultimately how it kills. How can we accurately record deaths and therefore compare?
  10. Yet you still feel qualified to state we " have the worst record in Europe" which is it it?
  11. Yes I cut and paste all my posts from the Internet ?? If you read Giles' own posts and ons posts on twitter. You can see for yourself how and where the information is collated. He is projecting based on modelling. You can see why this information can't be used A). As a comparison to other nations from Giles own postings the UK and possibly Belgium are in a very small group of nations that record, map and publish excess deaths live. The rest of Europe has weeks if not months worth of lag. As someone who knows the country and culture well I'd suggest Italy excess death toll is whoefuly inac
  12. So your facts turn to be actually untrue as they are based on projections.... So it now turns out that Chris Giles figured are based his algorithmic predictions and they pull stats from ons. Why not just use ons? Most Intresting is that all of the new Chris Giles disciples, Have failed to mention. Is how other nations record excess deaths. By his own admission the UK is the only nation with near instant recording and transparent data. Italy and Germany are a full month behind. Spain similar. Yet we are so keen to compare BTW I have no idea why my font style changed ?
  13. Thought you were describing philipl for a moment... ?? So now it suits journalists have more expertise than than scientific modellers and proffessors who have hundreds of peer reviewed artclices and have spent their entire lives dedicated to their chosen field. Chris Giles sounds more braniac than any living mortal
  14. So you want to compare a non specialist, journalists figures to other countries, that record deaths in a completely different manner. I. E only recording hospital deaths Sounds sensible....
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