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[Archived] Man Has Sex With A Bike

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This has completely foxed me. If the bloke wanted to stimulate sex using a bike in a locked room whose business is it but his? It hasn't damaged anyone else except possibly part of his own anatomy - .

Foxed me too completely. As did this bit

Sheriff Colin Miller also placed Stewart on the Sex Offenders Register for three years.

Presume he now can't mend a puncture on a cycle with stabilisers.

But thank goodness the BBC didn't quote a police " spokes-person."

I'll get my coat..................................

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:D Quite.

However, unless they had 'previous' on him, this bloke now has a criminal record for doing something that I am led to understand most blokes do regularly (although I appreciate they don't necessarily require a bike)....... I shudder to think what possible innocent and private daily activities could be misconstrued by folks of a certain mind :o

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"I was drunk, just getting ready for a shower, when I sliped and my willy just fell into the tube that I had lubbed with KY previously to ensure that the saddle fitted correctly"

Reading that, it appears that I know to much about this kind of thing :(

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