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[Archived] Xbox 360 Problem ( No Picture But Sound?!)

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Okay its that time again...i just got back from the shop with my brand spanking new Guitar Hero package and i knew it would come. After only a few months since my console went to xbox for repairs. Its broke again, this time they won't repair it under the warranty. I have sound but no picture and have tried everything, adjusting the hd cables and everything.

Any ideas what i should do? Microsoft want £70 to repair it! which im furious about.

Any ideas if there is a cheap fix for this problem?

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I think that's a fairly common problem.

Try 'escalating' your complaint to the Microsoft call centre. If you insist on speaking to a supervisor, you might be able to get a free repair, especially if you've only just had it fixed.

Alternatively, overheat your Xbox until it does come up with the red lights and get a free repair that way.

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