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[Archived] Rovers Text Message


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Did anyone else recieve a Text message (SMS) off Rovers today? I just got one from them saying tickets are on sale for the Arsenal game and you can also book online?

Is this another way to attract fans?

Seems a half decent way but would it work?

They have been using SMS for some time for various messages. I got a few over the Summer about renewing my season ticket. As I renewed I didn't get one about tickets today.

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I got a text of the club, it was even labeled as ROVERS as the sender-smart marketing that. I also got a letter on Saturday, a long one nearly begging me to renew my season ticket as I had not done so. It was well written in it's tone, stating how Rovers really needed my support etc. so may even write one back to John Williams, explaining my reasons for not getting a ST this year. Be interested to see if he replies!

I used to think of text messaging as a teenagers method on communication, but most bigger institutions now are increasing the use of SMS and MMS as a way of getting a message through. When I got to St Andrews in May for the last game of the season, for some reason I had left my Bluetooth switched on, and I got a request from Birmingham City FC to accept a Bluetoothed message, which I did-it was a long advert for the new Birmingham away kit, which was being launched that day I think. I declined the offer, sticking with my Duffer of St George tee shirt. I hope they sent another one out after the match apologizing for getting relegated!

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