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[Archived] Maldives

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Me and the wife have been, its a fantastic holiday.

we were at South Atoll and got it at a really good price on teletext.

Some advice.

Take 4 or 5 books.

Travel light because its hot, hot and damn hot.

Go all inclusive because you pay top dollar for food, fruit drinks and beer.

If you can make sure you get a water chalet because you can just drop into the oggin and go for a swim.

We had 15 days of glorious freedom, no kids just adults. There was quite a lot to do around the pool but we found it just so relaxing walking around the island 5 times a day and snorkelling in the oggin. it was a holiday of alifetime.

Someone has mentioned the water levels, some fo the island wont be there in 5 years so go whilst you can.

Top tip, we paid £200 for a 6 hour water plane trip, excellent value but a bit hairy keep landing on water.


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