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[Archived] Rock Band/rock Band 2

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Hard to comment as I haven't played World Tour. I've heard some stuff about the instruments though, the World Tour ones are not very impressive. The gameplay is said to be fairly standard while Rock Band has a better experience on offer. World Tour does have the option to make your own songs but the "studio" option is said to be too complicated for your average player to want to use. Personally I think the Rock Band games have better set lists as well.

The cool thing is that if you buy Rock Band 2 you get some 80 songs straight off the disc plus the vast selection of downloadable tracks from the music store to play. You can then rent/borrow the Rock Band 1 disc and transfer all the songs from that disc to your hard drive and play them all in Rock Band 2 - so you can get an insane amount of songs to play straight off the bat.

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Got GH World Tour for christmas and I love it. Strumming away to system of a down, muse, the enemy, etc. Getting quite decent at easy and so thinking of stepping up to medium, only 1 song really does my head in and that is the Ozzy encore, crazy train! I just can't strum fast enough, get my fingers in the right place but everytime i make it about 25% in before the crowd boo me.

Thinking of getting the previous GHs and RBs. Also want to invest in the GH drums but they are about £60.

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